Pat micro shop week announced a vote to see 100 million recruit ten thousand partners


] January 5th news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, the Jingdong’s pat Network today officially announced, will invest one hundred million of the value of public resources to recruit 10000 micro business partner.


according to pat Network, because during the current PAT micro business cooperation are still in trial operation, the first batch of recruiting only ten thousand places, will give priority to in a variety of electronic business platform for shopping Master and share Master, ordinary consumers in January 6th -1 month 8 days during the pat net home page to make an appointment, but from the beginning of January 9th that will open the application limit.

It is reported that

, the recruitment to the partner will enjoy the value of 1000 yuan free goods, more than 4000 yuan discount goods within a year, at the same time these partners by sharing pat micro shop select high-quality low-priced products per person will have access to more than 5000 yuan of goods rebate.

pat micro shop manager Guo Bin told billion state power network, micro business partner pat micro shop will be based on the previous pat Network launched friends fight to purchase products "cheap shot" to carry out. After becoming a micro business partner, pat micro shop through the platform selected the latest and most high-quality goods provided free of charge to the partner trial, and requires a partner to share the experience report.

Guo Bin said, according to the value of communication partner pat will experience the evaluation report and the use value of the goods in accordance with CPS requirements, mechanisms for these goods will set the rebate, the partners may recommend to their friends, through a variety of ways to share once the transaction, will give rebates to reward partners. At the same time, according to the partner’s shopping qualifications and share the results, pat will also regularly give partners a substantial discount merchandise, partners can have the right to buy a group to help friends save money, cheap".

Prior to

, online rumors, pat Network will have to spend one hundred million yuan, with Taobao for quality buyers, and pat Network response is Monday to see, now it seems that this is more like a pat Network as a marketing tool for the business partner pat micro campaign.