Amazon’s normal price war cheap to let users know


technology news June 8th afternoon news, last year reached not a large-scale electricity supplier price war Amazon China, in June a new round of war among the high-profile launch of Z when the summer low price "activities, Amazon vice president China Xu Changhong said, still need to let the user know the price.

search comparison website etao released by June 7th 20 of the electricity supplier parity medals, including Amazon in the mobile phone, notebook computer, photographic equipment, beauty and small household appliances category for the first. In fact, in the last 6-8 months of electricity supplier price war, the price of the Amazon is also at a competitive level.

but in the marketing activities, advertising, consumers are more likely to be Jingdong, Dangdang as well as fast and easy these sounds more attractive, even though Amason has always been to "everyday low price" as the slogan, and taking advantage of the technology of dynamic price adjustment, also have to face to the rapidly growing market share.

Xu Changhong said in talking about this topic, although Amazon price last year 6-8 month noisy price war has been recognized, but more consumers do not know the Amazon price concept, many users and customers to Amazon feedback of this issue, "we recognize the need to educate consumers through more channels let consumers know to the Amazon price."

In fact,

from this year Amazon has made greater promotional efforts, recently finished the anniversary celebration, in June to join the summer promotion, and in September 8, will launch more activities, but also hope Amazon "everyday low prices" concept to strengthen the outside world.

you to Amazon, our price will only lower not higher, we want consumers to know many other business promotional activities are to raise the price to reduce the price, Amazon is the integrity of parity." Xu Changhong is pleased that, after last year’s price war, consumers have begun to mature, more and more consumers will pay attention to the real price.

for the price war, said high-profile will invest 50 million yuan in advertising, although Xu Changhong did not disclose the budget but Amazon, said in the search, email, SMS and alliance, display advertising will invest.

for this series of promotional effect evaluation, Xu Changhong is most concerned about the digital consumer feedback, including positive feedback and negative feedback proportion, followed by the consumption behavior of users, and the subsequent repeat purchase rate. He also said that Amazon will not pay too much attention to market share, do not play the electricity supplier games, not one or two years, we are more concerned about the long-term sustainable development." (Lin Ming)