Taiwan Taobao under the guise of the name of foreign divestment limit within half a year


technology news May 15th noon news, according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan’s Ministry said on the 14, under the guise of the name of foreign taobao.com, not in Taiwan for mainland capital program, shareholder structure of false declaration, a fine of 240 thousand new Taiwan dollars (about 49 thousand yuan), and the time limit within half a year to stop or withdraw investment.

"Ministry of economic affairs" at the beginning of the year to Alibaba punishment NT $120 thousand (about RMB 24 thousand yuan). "The Investment Commission said that land owned licensing procedures issued and implemented in 2009, the Alibaba in this way before the promulgation in 2008 to foreign name registration to Taiwan, Taobao is in the regulations issued after the application of" Hongkong’s Taobao Touchplus information Corp "in 2012, and the Alibaba to Taiwan branch establishment process and the same technique.

Investment Commission "that Taobao knowingly violate, decided to double punishment, and punishment in 6 months after the stop or withdraw investment, taobao.com Taiwan branch company, must handle business, employees within 6 months after receipt of the document. If Taobao wants to re submit the application case, as long as the land investment in line with the permit project, but also re apply. (