Artificial intelligence users why difficult to buy

if the double eleven also said that in previous years the only online shopping festival this year, the second city of the Changsha even in the subway, also covered with a double eleven business platform advertising activities, to prove that double eleven caused by the electricity supplier shopping trend, so that the whole world is boiling up.

this time, almost all of the mainstream business platform have joined the double eleven war, while the Alibaba in the double eleven in the final transaction amount exceeded 57 billion 100 million yuan, the Jingdong store and pat net sold more than 35 million 180 thousand commodities. A large number of media headlines with eleven double figure, line under a large number of high-quality advertising position full of double eleven attractive advertising language, a large number of Internet users in front of the computer for latent discounted goods and crazy, this year’s double eleven Shopping Festival has become a sweet people.

is currently the major electricity supplier and media attention, have begun to double eleven summary, in order to get better results in the coming year. According to various media reports show: Jingdong 11 to 10 points in the period, the number of orders reached the same period last year, 2.4 times the number of times. In the face of such success, some people think that Jingdong can get double the order of growth performance, not only in recent years and its own efforts and the entire electricity supplier market expansion has a great relationship with the introduction of the new Microsoft Jingdong famous black technology products: artificial intelligence housekeeper wheatgrass action, also increase the number of Jingdong and double eleven orders have a great relationship.


on WeChat wheatgrass this moment has blocked the rapid rise of products, I believe we are not unfamiliar. This is a field of artificial intelligence products, even if it has the possibility of cooperation with the electricity supplier, but the user is really interested in the Jingdong version of Wheatgrass buy it? Although Microsoft wheatgrass and Jingdong to combine with artificial intelligence and business, explore the new future, is indeed a good thing. But small Qian said: Jingdong version of Wheatgrass is in cooperation, more is to act as a professional intelligent shopping assistants, to provide price service for users. If according to three types of shopping needs of users, there are three reasons to let users buy cool Jingdong with wheatgrass, artificial intelligence and electricity supplier in the industry for the first time although it looks glamorous, but perhaps in a short time is difficult to bring to people’s life changes.

according to the shopping needs, we can be divided into three categories: user needs particularly clear, know what he wants a commodity; fuzzy demand, want what kind of goods, but do not know which one; demand is not clear, mostly taking advantage of the double eleven Shopping Festival, random browsing. Buy, easy to be influenced by various factors. If the ice can solve these three problems, in order to create a sensation in the industry of artificial intelligence and electricity supplier cooperation case, in order to users more partners. But at the moment, which is the first case of artificial intelligence and electricity supplier of integrated Jingdong version of wheatgrass, perhaps to get these three types of users, it is not easy.

1, the user needs a clear: I do not have electricity supplier tools

The current version of

Jingdong wheatgrass is essentially act as the electricity supplier tool, using the people behind the ice "