B2C electricity providers get together overseas online gold is not blue ocean

recently, we enter Vietnam, Jingdong for cooperation in Russia, dream bazaar shop at eBay, this is the new trend of China e-commerce industry competition, domestic trade is too cruel, so as to move overseas "blue ocean market", and even joined the leading foreign trade business for profit of the new legion, "". But this "blue ocean market" is not really "blue ocean", and regional foreign trade e-commerce users are facing the industry wide, large domestic e-commerce is much more complicated than the difficulties facing risk, it is hard to imagine.

B2C for the choice of foreign trade business, which is out of the domestic electricity supplier under saturated condition and make a choice, alleviate the fierce competition pressure through the move, although the foreign trade electricity supplier logistics mature, but the cost of storage and marketing costs are very high, especially for people from different countries with different search engines, Russian search the engine is Yandex, India search engine is "India Yellow Pages" in different countries, different search habits, how to let foreign consumers to quickly search products, this is the domestic electricity supplier to carefully consider the problem, which greatly improve the promotion cost.

on the other hand, the domestic and foreign environment is different, different consumption habits, the domestic electricity supplier to through foreign trade have involved localization analysis, but it is more difficult, the final result will be like Japan to enter the Chinese cool days of the same result, foreign electricity suppliers will bring challenges to the The climate does not suit one., foreign trade business. And the speed of cross-border web access, as well as its payment security issues, will bring certain risks.

at the same time, the international financial crisis has not dissipated, many countries have set up for the development of trade restrictions, and RMB appreciation, trade surplus pressure reduces a portion of the goods export competitiveness of china. The state adjusts the export policy of foreign trade, further restricting the export of high energy consumption and high pollution products through the imposition of export tariffs. Shipping costs have also been in a rising trend, which for the electricity supplier enterprises involved in foreign trade to increase the cost, reducing the purchasing power of overseas consumers, is not optimistic.

in the sales channels, with respect to the choice of trade, Jingdong, Taobao, Tmall, Amazon and other rich channels, selective trade channels far, only eBay, with speed and independent store only a few main channels. This has not yet formed a brand in the domestic e-commerce is more difficult to increase sales, earnings will be depressed.


, B2C business overseas get together money on the Internet business enterprise can only be said to be a fresh attempt, but it is not a "blue ocean market".