The electricity supplier to erode the traditional territory ten companies will end retailers

electricity supplier in the past two years unusually fierce development, so that the traditional retail industry suffered no small impact. Insiders even boldly predicted that the industry has come to an end.

fact also confirms the traditional retail industry downturn. As the end of the year, is the department store market, Beijing Wangfujing Yokado Jinsong but at this time to adjust the management structure "as an excuse to stop business. Coincidentally, lotus in January also announced the closure of Beijing grass bridge shop. In the past year, Lining, PEAK and other sports brand has closed 1200 stores nationwide, out of the China home depot, WAL-MART closed four stores.


at retail giants have retreated, but the way electricity supplier "double eleven crazy expansion ride the wind and waves," on the same day, Tmall Taobao up to 19 billion 100 million yuan of business revenue for boiling the entire market, this is the traditional retail to the symphony.

electricity supplier in the strong impact, will have many traditional retail enterprises have to choose retreat? "Investor" research data on the analysis of current A stock market 42 retail listed companies, selected 10 most affected from the company, including investment in the people’s livelihood, island construction, Shanghai nine hundred.

that is, the retail category we will be limited in the retail industry, because relative to provide the necessities of life supermarket, department store retail business is the hardest hit by the impact.

in addition to the electricity supplier impact of this external factors, the high cost of the expansion of the internal factors, such as remote expansion is so that these companies in the winter worse.

ten companies affected by the largest

with the electricity supplier in the field of consumption to some traditional retail take cities and seize territory, such companies are likely to be replaced.

who would have fallen down? Therefore, we studied the retail industry (according to SWS industry classification) 42 companies in the first three quarters of 2012, according to the operating conditions of selected 10 most likely to be alternative electricity supplier company.

Our screening process is as follows: firstly,

will return on net assets, sales profit rate, per capita revenue, per capita net profit of four indicators were assigned to the same weight, selected 15 comprehensive scores the lowest, then examines the operating income and net profit growth of 15 companies, 10 companies selected.

they are: investment in the people’s livelihood, the construction of the island, Shanghai, nine hundred in Wuhan, ZTE commercial, Grandbuy, Xi’an, people’s livelihood, in Nanjing and Tianjin kangyou business group. We made a comment on the 10 companies in the post. In these companies, the people’s livelihood and investment in the worst performance of the island, the two companies in the first three quarters of 2012 have been caught in a loss.

among them, people’s livelihood investment, although stated in the business scope of equity investment, asset management, capital management and related information and services. But its main income