Peng Xiaofeng electricity supplier dilemma the United States and the United States a large number of

Wang Yu

one day in September 2013, the electronic commerce company, the United States and the United States special agency quietly on the line.

"every life, there is a desire for a dream." In the United States and the United States opened a special moment, LDK LDK chairman Peng Xiaofeng in micro-blog left such a sentence. He expected to develop in the photovoltaic business outside the territory of another.

easier said than done.

operation less than half a year, the United States and the United States will not be able to support the fast support, employees and suppliers complain repeatedly. The delay of wage arrears and change labor contracts, social security, stopped paying suppliers owed money, given the extraordinary beauty of society not only seems difficult to continue, the storm also persisted in. Staff estimates that the company’s employees and suppliers are estimated to be in the millions of dollars or even higher.

employees said the salary is not in place

, the company’s full name for the United States and the United States and a special network technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "DMS"), headquartered in Hongkong, mainly in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places. Its pattern is defined as "C2B model of e-commerce", although it is an electronic commerce website, but its core operation mode or through the line members to join, to do online and custom, and ultimately the product to the hands of customers.

DMS in Peng Xiaofeng’s dictionary, is a "personalized, pre-sale, group purchase" fashion companies, and are alleged to have "top international capital", the registered capital of 50 million yuan. Moreover, Peng Xiaofeng returned to the company developed a 2015 sales revenue reached 20 billion yuan, profit reached $600 million, the grand goal.

but the company from May last year, the operation of the site on the line again to around this year in March, it has been poorly organized, a large number of employees were cut.

DMS a former employee told the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said that the problems change the contract, unpaid wages, social security and other suppliers owed money of the company take wings to itself.


resigned in February this year the staff told reporters that in May last year, he received the admission notice DMS, then the employer is Suzhou liouxin Industrial (Peng Xiaofeng’s personal control of another Suzhou local enterprises), and intermediate party at the time and relatively regular service company, and decided to join them.

but in September last year, he was change labor contract requirements of human resources department, the other reason is given, there are some disputes between the intermediary and the original company, want employees by a man named Kai Hui "labor dispatch company signed a new labor contract. Once the "given the extraordinary beauty of society" company name registration down, will update the contract.

"Although many people do not like

, but considering the agency given the extraordinary beauty of the e-commerce company looks more promising, Peng Xiaofeng himself in the photovoltaic industry also has a good reputation, and we had just a few months to find a job entry will also have a variety.