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after the Spring Festival has become the competition of group purchase website, before the war escalated into marketing slobber battle group from the United States, handle, etc. a group purchase website Groupon marketing advertising can be seen, capital substantial competition has quietly begun.

although the new field of the industry suffered a commendatory and derogatory controversy, but it seems difficult to stop the wind for its good, a series of financing behind, or even heard of a well-known domestic group purchase website of the United States intends to IPO rumors in the year.

Although there is no official

news verification, such rumors still for the chaos of war has injected a stimulant, more and more people group purchase will have a consensus: experience fighting after the group purchase website will usher in the true sense of the capital favored.

however, is the fact that


is an unconfirmed news that during the Spring Festival, three well-known domestic group purchase website had received a letter of intent to send over the active venture capital investment, but after several rounds of talks, investors finally chose to abandon the investment.

obviously, the investor worries are not without reason, behind the fierce competition, let investors see the weaknesses of the development of domestic group purchase. At present, the domestic group purchase website has entered a disorderly competition, high probability of malicious complaints, profit model is not clear confusion, although the market outlook remains optimistic, but the "Long March" of the road who can use a word too early.

first, the current domestic buy site model is very simple, the operation mode and content is almost the same, all sites are to imitate the Groupond model, did not dare to go to explore their own characteristics. In the strength of the group purchase website although the differentiation adjusted slightly, but still can not see the favor of consumers, therefore, spend a lot of money for advertising and absorbing this user attention and then draw users become the only propaganda weapon, however, these marketing behavior needs a large amount of fund support, although the wind behind do as a driving force, but the strong push way can bring much of the transformation rate is still unknown.

second, a huge number of group purchase website is the industry’s current situation, in addition to uneven in quality, vertical, 360 Taobao group purchase group purchase platform, Sohu, Tencent and other large companies and handle, the U.S. group, the strength of the thousands of Web sites, or some more "workshop" type of business, this kind of website the operation cost is relatively low, so the product group purchase also has inherent advantages, but also with the field, malicious competition, some small sites in squeezed, began to show the fraud behind the huge base, the industry in the short term is difficult to eliminate. In the United States, the consumer group purchase orders are generally not too worried about the business performance and service, but it is poor in fake pop, service attitude of the domestic market is a big problem, for businesses already disappointed consumers are very easy to transfer to the group purchase group purchase website and the anger of the.

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