Ten key words to witness the 2010 E commerce

in the 2010 annual China e-commerce market data monitoring report, we can see that in 2010 China’s e-commerce market turnover of up to 4 trillion and 500 billion, an increase of 22%. Among them, B2B e-commerce transactions amounted to 3 trillion and 800 billion, the online retail market transactions amounted to $513 billion 100 million. 2010 what are the key words in the rapid development of e-commerce

keyword 1: the development of the first year

e-commerce market in recent years, strong growth and a large number of traditional brand enterprises to join, fully support the development of electronic commerce China the arrival of the first year, according to iResearch predicts that by 2010, network transactions will reach 576 billion year-on-year doubling, growth of over 100%. Xu Xiaolan, vice president of China Electronics Research Institute predicts that by 2015 China will form the world’s largest e-commerce service system, with the world’s first e-commerce application scale. This indicates that China’s e-commerce market will become increasingly fierce, a large part of the lack of competitiveness of enterprises will be eliminated fate.

keyword two: get together listing


electronic commerce industry know, e-commerce enterprises belong to the burn stage in the early stages of development, even in the development process also cannot do without high auxiliary funds, funds can be said to be a big short board the enterprise electronic commerce, and public financing is a major strategic choice without exception of e-commerce enterprises. Mcglaughlin and Dangdang have been listed, set off a wave of Chinese e-commerce companies run the market. According to industry estimates, with Mcglaughlin and dangdang.com successfully listed in the United States, the domestic e-commerce enterprises will set off a new round of market climax, as a leading e-commerce industry where customers, Jingdong, will represent the occasion of the reign of the next batch of listed sprint, promote China e-commerce enterprises to enter the centralized listing period.

keyword three: network buy

data show that in 2010 the domestic group purchase website total sales have exceeded 1 billion yuan; by the end of November 2010, the total number of group purchase website has a certain scale in China has reached 1664. Network group buying not only has the advantages of e-commerce, but also has the advantage of its price advantage. With the development of e-commerce, online group buying market will continue to expand.

keyword four: micro-blog marketing

micro-blog’s biggest feature is the integration and openness, relative to the blog, SNS community, micro-blog’s stickiness to the user is stronger, is a new time to achieve the money is the promotion and trading platform. According to Analysys think tank released the latest in 2010, micro-blog Chinese market the number of registered users reached 75 million, the growth rate hit the Chinese Internet application development. Thus, micro-blog has a huge marketing value.

keyword five: video authentication

integrity is based on this, is an important part of e-commerce and China’s economic development. To break through e-commerce