Amazon to develop new technologies not to buy the first shipment

Beijing time on January 18th morning news, Amazon last December to get a new "patent predictive delivery", through the analysis of user data, not yet in their shopping orders, issued in advance package.

this technology can shorten the delivery time, thereby reducing the impulse of consumers to the store. Amazon said in a patent document, the time delay from the order to the receipt may reduce people’s willingness to buy, leading them to give up online shopping.

so, Amazon may be based on the previous orders and other factors, to predict the user’s shopping habits, so that they will be issued before the actual package. According to the patent documents, although the package will be issued in advance from the Amazon, but before the official order of the user, these parcels will still exist in the courier company’s transfer center or truck.

Amazon said, in order to determine which goods to be transported, Amazon may refer to the previous order, merchandise search, shopping cart, recording list, including the user’s mouse in a piece of merchandise hovering over time.

currently, Amazon will be officially received orders, and through its own storage center will commodity package, and then wait for the express delivery company UPS truck came to pick up the goods, finally sent directly to the user’s home, or through the intermediate channel transport to the final destination.

the company has been trying to shorten the delivery time, expanding the coverage of network storage, in order to achieve overnight delivery or the date of delivery. Amazon said last year that it plans to use drones to deliver the package directly from the warehouse to the user’s home.

, however, Amazon did not disclose in the patent, this new technology is expected to shorten the number of delivery time.

patent highlights a major industry trends: technology and consumer companies are in a variety of ways to predict consumer demand in advance. Today’s smart refrigerator has been able to predict when you need to buy more milk, smart TV can predict what programs need to be recorded, while the Google Now software is trying to predict the user’s daily plan.

Amazon this technology will be deployed when not yet known. Amazon spokesman declined to comment. But the patent documents show that the company hopes to make full use of its huge user data accumulated in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Amazon seems to make full use of their huge data." The U.S. market research firm Forrester Research analyst · Mulpuru Su Chalita; (Sucharita Mulpuru) said, "according to their understanding of the user, they can be based on a variety of factors to forecast demand."

patent documents show that Amazon may fill out the approximate address or postal code, in order to transport goods to close to the user’s place, and then complete the information in transit.

Amazon says