LETV wine together drops E Drive life service upgrade

as the holding network network and drops travel, E-Drive brand cooperation, now the whole network users to distribute million pieces taxi vouchers, E-Drive vouchers, a chance to buy a cocktail at the price of 1 yuan. Network network hopes the brand cooperation, promote "safe drinking, safe travel" social ideas, solve the drunk safe travel pain points, expanding the ascending wine range of consumer services, people’s livelihood transition to a more valuable services in the field of life.

network network and drops travel E-Drive brand cooperation reached

network network and drops travel, E-Drive brand cooperation, free distribution of tens of millions of taxi vouchers, driving on behalf of coupons, drink safe travel storm! From now until November 30th, on WeChat network network public account or micro-blog account, enter the mobile phone number of active pages, quickly get jointly provided by network network and drops travel express taxi vouchers, vouchers, vouchers, discount coupons car car combination packs.


network network to send coupons 1 yuan collar cocktail drops

The success of

after receiving the user can be a key to obtain 1 yuan net wine network provides opportunity to lead the cocktail. In addition, in the wine net net new customers exclusive 1 yuan collar wine, 11 yuan can buy cheap Chivas 12 years Scotch Whisky small wine, 111 yuan to buy 6 sets of intelligence Wine ghost blush.

in addition to taxi concessions, network network to provide safe driving on behalf of choice for business people. During the period from November 9th to November 30th, where the purchase of any wine in the wine net net consumers can obtain E-Drive value 39 yuan coupon for a generation of driving, drunk driving on behalf of safe travel free experience.


network network E-Drive sent 39 yuan vouchers

the brand together to bring benefits and convenience for many of the travel group. Network network said, hope that through cooperation with the brand by travel, e-generation driving travel problems solve the drunk wine consumer groups, the real popularization of "safe drinking, safe travel" concept of consumption, to travel the public security points.

watch "wine + travel" pain point of life service upgrade

network network and the drops of travel and E-Drive brand together, at the "wine + travel" life service to send coupons for pain points: the form, buy cheap wine and drink travel service bundle, the drinking scene and travel scene to achieve strong association, solve consumer demand for travel safety after drinking.

behind watch pain points, cross-border cooperation network network and the Internet, the Internet car driving on behalf of the construction of the wine sale to O2O closed loop drinking travel services, the formation of online and offline seamless integration of life service experience. On the one hand, to extend the wine consumer service chain, improve and enhance the platform service ability; on the other hand, through the ecological open and cooperative innovation, to meet the Internet plus means more.