Online supermarket consumer survey report who bought half of maternal and child

September 1st news, recently issued the "report to Jingdong Analysys research Chinese online supermarket purchase consumer behavior (2016)", the first Jingdong based on the data from the user portrait, purchase behavior, payment behavior, brand preference and other dimensions, analyzes the ecological consumption and the new trend of online China super city.


report shows that in the new generation of 80 and 90 after the main people become the main crowd network supermarket, accounted for more than 70%, more than 70% users for the highly educated, white-collar workers, financial workers, medical personnel, civil servants, teachers and other students accounted for more than 85% users. Online supermarket users, women accounted for 70%.


, 80 shows the characteristic of mature home shopping, bought more than 50% articles; 90 high growth, more willing to pay for nursing makeup; 70 after the purchase focused on food and beverage, beer, milk, chocolate mask, wine, snacks, search the top ranked list.

reported that the consumption structure from the survival of the consumer to enjoy the type, the development of consumer change, non necessities sales growth exceeded the necessary categories, experiential consumption and personalized consumption characteristics more obvious. Modeling, drinking water, candy chocolate, hair care sales growth of more than 100%, milk dairy sales growth of over 200%. At the same time, with "health", "organic", "green" signs of health food, imported food sales increased significantly. Pets and gardening plants and other emerging consumer online supermarket has become a new growth point.

in the food and beverage, wine, baby category, old user consumption accounted for slightly higher, but in a cosmetic, horticultural plants category, new users purchasing power was significantly higher.

in addition, the mobile electricity supplier penetration continued to rise, the more the five or six tier cities, the higher the penetration rate of online supermarket mobile terminal. In Shaanxi, Tibet, Tsinghua University, Ningxia, Guizhou, represented by the western region, the proportion of online mobile terminal users accounted for more than 80%, accounting for more than 90% of the individual city mobile terminal.

network supermarket orders peak generated in the "work" and "bedtime" period, 11 points and 17 points and 23 points are high; 10 point -11 is the single peak of imported snacks and mask skin care products, white-collar workers to use this time to "supermarket", improve their quality of life.

it is understood that online payment becomes the majority of the user’s payment habits, online payment through the purchase of 77.4%. Among them, the "white" and other consumer credit business is growing rapidly. To program for example, online supermarket consumer credit users, accounted for a high proportion of male female 20%, of which 80 male is more significant. After 80 accounted for more than 50% of consumer credit, is 90, after the user’s 70 times more than three times. Each of the ten orders, there is a 80 men in the purchase of food and beverage or a protective cosmetic products. Buy wine, food and beverage, a care cosmetics consumers use more IOUs to pay.

the following is the report content brief:

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