Rural electricity supplier confusion Jingdong Taobao to build the line under the store

introduction: Jingdong and Taobao, could you give me the scene to do



Jingdong plans to start implementation of the County Service Center, and the Alibaba "the village of a thousand million rural Taobao plan" has also surfaced, electricity began to sink the rural market in the true sense.

perhaps, before long, you or I in the rural home of the elderly parents, you can in the electricity supplier MM or electricity supplier under the guidance of a small guy, in the site to pick their favorite items, a single shopping. Think about it, this scene is quite exciting. After the excitement, go to a shopping mall to buy a thing, shopping is more than a hint of doubt: Jingdong and Taobao, could you give me the scene to do


sausage and business together, is somewhat absurd. But, in fact, the relationship is very close. I go to the mall to the supermarket to buy food, hear a rich bouquet in the fruit store. Many of us think that the wine bottle is broken. But along a smell smell, it is not found, is more of a meat stalls business, on-site processing of sausage. Customers to buy meat from their stalls, stalls for on-site processing, processing fees waived, only charge 25 yuan for every ten pounds of raw materials (including liquor, casings, etc.). On site processing, customers can monitor each procedure. Just the wine, is to send them the liquor. This special taste advertising effect, attracted many customers. And I also chose a piece of their favorite pork, processed ten pounds.

The move to

supermarket, which belongs to the "qiongzesibian", because the two years of non-staple food prices especially pork prices always low, do not come up with a promotion, sales may not. This method of on-site processing, just to meet the current consumer on the entrance of food is not assured that the psychological, is to let you buy a rest assured that eat a peace of mind. This approach, not only attracted a large number of county customers, many rural counties to visit the county customers also appreciate it.

so we got in touch with the farmer’s friends. For farmers, they may not understand the clothing is true, do not understand the electronic product quality, but for agricultural products and processed products, the expert is knowledgeable. With pork, city people may only eat pork not seen a pig run, there are too many confused people and leek seedlings. But our friends are looking at how to grow pig farmers, slaughter, on the market, what clenbuterol, what disease pork, pig who can not escape the piercing eye. This is also true of pork, vegetables, eggs, rice etc.. Not only they know these, we come out from the countryside peasant also a little in the years under the influence of.

and the countryside of the electricity supplier, they sell goods, there will be a farmer customers do not know and do not know, but there are also very understanding, very knowledgeable farmers. For some goods, my folks are more willing to use their perception of the most direct, smell, sight and touch to feel the quality of the goods.