Amoy Blue Ocean Taobao shop will learn data analysis

We all know that

open shop to analyze data, also know some data analysis tools such as Taobao index, data cube, business staff and so on, but for how to use these tools, many sellers worry, what should see what data, after seeing how to guide the work. Today we have a detailed introduce for everybody, how to use data analysis tool to analyze their data and competitor data, do know, baizhanbudai.

1 Software: Taobao data, basic observation is business staff with statistical data cube! We look at the data cube


data cube: data cube with most Tmall stores have a crown above order, ordered a friend to see the most is to estimate the keyword query, the same industry and traffic distribution. I’m here to talk about a place that I think is important. The loss of visitors, visitors can clearly see the loss of your customers to the shop about what, then, I went to a page where they open the store to see, where they then integrate! Take advantage, become your own description.

2 industry data analysis. For those who do the rankings with the purpose of doing a very strong explosion shop.

(1) if you are a product of operation determined: this situation is that the fixed products have been produced, so that businesses can only work hard to friends, trying to do product sales, then how to research data? OK, if you are assuming that you prepare the products to achieve the home position, or to your products do tofu position, then you start to do data statistics: the page display products

[1] sales are good statistics,

[2] and then go to their single product page to record nearly 7 days of daily data.

[3] statistics come out, they have to go to the location of the location of the business where the sales data, sales data every day,

[4] competitor product price data.

[5] careful friends have ordered the professional version of the data cube can also be seen from the source of baby daily flow of each product opponent, and then look at it every day the number of products sold, the conversion of data it every day. OK, good statistics of these, then you start to compete beyond the time, and do a good strategic loss, blunt it!

(2) operating thinking to determine the product: this situation is to rely on the data first, and then decided to produce products. What will I do in this situation? First survey, industry data. Opponents to sell the price data, product functional data, appearance data, price performance data, packaging data, store dynamic rating data, industry conversion data, bad data, etc.

3 sales data

aftermarket aspects include: