Electricity supplier website predicament has no sales volume to enhance the conversion rate to break

in recent years, the electricity supplier website has achieved rapid development, but in the rapid development at the same time, there are also hidden crisis, it is now very easy to get traffic, because the electricity supplier website are willing to spend money, but over the flow volume are poor, this is a puzzle puzzling many electricity providers website in order to break, many business platform, using a variety of marketing tools, and even spend a lot of money through traditional TV media marketing, but the final result is there is no sales flow


of course there are a lot of electronic business platform, not only to enhance the flow through the marketing conversion rate, began to realize that the user experience of the website, the website may be the main factor leading to high rate of flow jump, the website optimization and improve the user experience as the focus of the work, for example, now many well-known business platform start self logistics, to enhance business platform service experience, so as to solve a problem for many years troubled business platform, here I come to the analysis of some successful business platform breaking the


one: electronic business platform hardware upgrade, run up

business platform speed is often criticized for many consumers, on the one hand because of the impact of the speed of the network, on the other hand, the electronic business platform of the program itself to download and execution speed naturally react much slower, but according to a affect user experience is a very important index of speed display if you open a web site, slow speed of ten seconds, it will lead to the loss of users, so now the electricity supplier website has been widely recognized that, again the poor can not poor hardware! To ensure the speed of operation of the site can make the majority of users to be able to accept


two: website design details from the user care

Design of

electronic business website, to primarily to simple, seems to be a little atmosphere, in function, to a simple point, people come to your website, do not want to through a lot of learning for shopping, but several simple button can shopping, so that it can reflect the business platform for shopping advantage,


should be simple and simple, it should start from the details, for example on the site at any time can provide help, and help the layout should also pay attention to, don’t try to pop, but also help the language is easy to move, the best is to let the user click on the process, naturally get shopping help, it is easy to be able to how to fill orders, and check orders and so on, starting from the care of the details of the user, can let users love your website on your website, because

shopping is very convenient!

three: to understand and interact with the user

e-commerce sites now have a dedicated customer service staff, the customer service staff is not a simple processing of customer orders, but to take the initiative to communicate with customers, users want to know what kind of help, but also should get users to buy this product after the experience and effect, analysis and evaluation of these users, and then in the summary > and