Have you learned the 5 techniques to avoid drilling

before seeing how to avoid drilling exhibition through investment in the school on behalf of the Internet, but looks like this guy wrote the theory of partial more, the lack of some actual cases, but also not comprehensive enough. Today, the author of more than a year of drilling operation experience to share with you how to avoid the drill through the cast, I hope to drill for the rookie help.

I was in July last year began to contact the drill exhibition, then there is a call for the master of the time spent 20 minutes, called me how to look at the report, how to bid skills. At that time, or the use of the 2 version, every day to see how much the estimated traffic and competitive ranking was relieved. If you can not see the ranking, the fear of second days spent money out. The fact is true, before she was doing promotional activities in the cast of the show, but because of the low bid reasons, resulting in even 1/10 of the budget is not spent. And she is said to have done two years of drilling exhibition, when the bid to teach me in accordance with the resources of the system prompt bid, that is, each position of the bid. At that time I really don’t know, so according to this method, the highest bid, investment 20 thousand yuan a day, fortunately, through investment and consumption accounted for about 20%, but also want the focus map this position through ROI’s investment in ROI industry is higher than the average. Later, I slowly understand the drill exhibition, see each position through investment proportion is about 70%, I wonder, not the store in the usual doing points of interest and visitor flow can not meet the demand, the investment need to bribe traffic. Then think about it, it may be the rookie of the money spent on garbage flow. Coincidentally, before I did not enter the shop, see the former data is very bad, later found that 90% of the traffic is being cast to eat. Think of terror, take the boss’s money to hit, spend 80 thousand yuan a month, their experience value has not been growing, all contributed to Taobao.

after summing up, I found that the following methods can be used to solve the problem of investment.

first, when bidding, each resource is set at the lowest price. This step is the most basic, is the first step in a long march. There’s a lot to do later.

second is a premium to improve orientation. Each position of the thousands of times to show the price is not equal to the simple investment through bid + premium, if the 2 screen before the resource of the right picture the lowest bid for 2 yuan, a premium of 5 yuan interest, you have thousands of times to show the price of 7 yuan not to understand. In fact, the real price of a thousand show may be 3.8 yuan, when the high may be $5, depending on the intensity of competition in the morning and afternoon and vary.

third is the choice of time. For example, want to chat window before 9 o’clock in the morning is more prone to invest, OK, then prone to time through investment are cut. The first coke 4 position in the morning before 9 o’clock also occasionally appear to pass the vote, the same way, cut off these time just fine.

fourth is to extend the period of time. For example