The fund Taobao shop on line sprint bank or join hands off

Cheng Liangliang

is still half covered.

public offering of Taobao shop plans for various reasons repeatedly postponed. First Financial Daily reporters recently learned in an interview, the fund will be officially opened in November 11th this year, Taobao stores. The printing on the major banks have begun to check for rumors or immediately under the frame rate is too low in the public offering of all its products, but also as one falls, another rises recently.


dependence on traditional sales channels, has become the public offering of the Achilles heel, Taobao and other Internet financial new path can cure the patient, also seems to need more time to test.

the first "double eleven" opened?

public fund to sell funds at Taobao! "News, the public offering industry and the Internet industry have caused a stir, industry uproar," fund Taobao shop "concept has successfully attracted many eyeballs.

and Taobao store opened fund "in the end what? From the beginning of the August to August 28th, then to September 9th, market expectations once again.

Shanghai, a public fund marketing department to the first Financial Daily reporters, according to Taobao’s plan, the first batch of raised funds in November 11th or officially opened in this year’s Taobao.

‘double eleven’ opening seems to be the most reliable news, Taobao hopes to open enough influence, but also have enough good results (sales)." The public fund said, "because the" double eleven "has always been the implementation of the" Taobao price plan berserk "of the day, the day sales have good performance over the years."

and reporters from another public fund market in Shanghai was informed that the opening in September 9th is unlikely. The source said that at present, Taobao has not notified the company to prepare for today’s official opening, and there are many other aspects of Taobao work needs to be carried out. The person also told reporters that the licence will take time and other preparatory work, "double eleven" is Taobao’s traditional marketing habits, choose a great possibility opened on this day.

although the opening date has been repeatedly delayed, but the public fund preparatory work seems to have everything "". Taobao’s official website shows that 28 public funds are ready to Taobao shop. Reporters found that, although the overall style of the store design close, but there are still many companies are trying to highlight their own characteristics, and even part of the shop has all the molding, and other official opening.

remove the traditional focus of the fixed electricity providers compete for the products, the reporter found that some public fund has its star product hanging in their own "Taobao store" on the page, such as UBS SDIC’s steady growth, emerging industries fund. The Cathay Pacific Fund’s Taobao store has been known and even show customer service online, but did not start selling temporarily. To this end, the reporter called Taobao stakeholders to verify the phase