The two generation of rich use e commerce to open up new channels for enterprise sales

when some "two rich generation" on the road when the track when the high-end handlebar, the same is the two rich generation, Hangzhou Jiangnan pressure gauge Co. company heir Yang Tao has become to change the sales channel of family business pioneer, the financial crisis in 2008 will be the product of pressure gauge through the electronic commerce to sell 4 million sales. 2009, the country’s largest e-commerce platform Alibaba entered the tenth year, and Yang Tao, aged 23, away from his first e-commerce sales, just for the past six years.

young man veteran


Yang Tao in front of a small, thin tall, black rimmed glasses cover thin eyes, smiled a shy face, just a shy little boy, how can put him in a 6 year old e-businessmen equate, but in fact, he is from the third began to secretly help home take care of business, 6 years never stopped.

Just graduated from

university this year, Yang Tao officially took over the full-time working father e-commerce sales enterprises, and establish the electronic commerce professional sales team, "I’m 6 years old network." Speaking of this, shy he became talkative.

Yang Tao told reporters that he had just received a summer vacation one hundred thousand yuan list. At that time, the other side of the e-commerce platform to find Alibaba Yang Tao released the information, after the request to send a sample of a lot of requirements. Early experience of Yang Tao keenly feel that this is a professional customer, so he threw a piece of refrigeration pressure gauge the other needs Dunong Qi, carefully put each other need to prepare things ready, and attach a detailed price list, timely delivery to the customer.

Yang Tao professional and careful to impress the customer, soon under the order of one hundred thousand yuan, and hit a deposit of $20 thousand in advance. After the event, the customer also boast Yang Tao, he said my boss must be very good to me, said I was so serious work should get good treatment." Yang Tao embarrassed to say with a smile, "ha ha, in fact, he did not know that I was’ little boss’."

similar customers in Yang Tao’s sales experience has encountered a lot, he told reporters that their companies founded since 1988 since the parents also called evergreen enterprises, product quality can be guaranteed. Now the lack of sales channels, e-commerce just opened the gap. Relying on e-commerce, many two tier suppliers have also found them.

According to Yang Tao

, in a coastal city, pressure meter market is very big, he told reporters a few days ago, Shenzhen has a pressure gauge company through the network to find him, let Yang Tao to supply them, they posted trademarks sell. Equal to do their first tier suppliers." Yang Tao explained that although their products are affixed to someone else’s trademark is not willing to sell some, but he is very optimistic that this is a good thing, indicating that their products have a market, but also reflects the power of the network.

although the age is still small, but the little Yang Tao to start e-commerce, but have handy. According to him, "I can"