Network network grand track P custom cocktail burning soul premiere debut

the evening of September 29th, "grand track" premiere ceremony held in Beijing, directed by Guo Jingming and starring Fan Bingbing, Wu Yifan, Chen, William Chan, Amber Kuo, Yang Mi winter, Lin Yun, Yan Yikuan, Aarif Lee and other stars to attend, for the whole human Guoneishoubu hit platform CG fantasy film. Grand track family star studded lineup, more customized version of the cocktail burning soul debut! Network network as the "grand track" film to create an exclusive IP ecological custom wine – Meilan flower "grand track" series of customized version of the pre cocktails stunning premiere at the scene, and launched a limited edition of six Bottle Gift box 39.9 yuan Ecological Welfare price.

once again detonated fans Carnival!


network network sale "grand track" customized version of the pre cocktails of

movie "grand track" on the evening of September 29th 22 points ahead of release, the first to lead the national archives. "Grand track" films not only the first application of motion capture technology to develop Chinese film shooting, the real CG fantasy film precedent; Han Hong, Chen Xuedong also invited to the two stars for the film to sing the theme song "move", consonance song "the world famous Japanese ACG sand", and the music master Yuki Kajiura to play music, to create a double visual and auditory feast for the audience.


"grand track" creative team debut Premiere

is more awesome, "grand track" experience also broke the limitations of the scene to the cinema, life experience consumption extension. Network network play music as ecological wine advantages, with its own high-quality global brand "Meilan flower burning cocktail" as the prototype, as the "grand track" film to create an exclusive IP ecological custom wine – Meilan flower "grand track" series of customized version of the pre cocktails. Packaging elements, fantasy hardcover exclusive design, six bottles of 39.9 yuan limit gift box, once triggered fans scream.

net at present, wine line has been officially on sale of limited edition "grand track" IP ecological custom wine, fans can visit the network network a drink for panic buying,



"grand track" IP ecological custom wine detonated fans enthusiasm

following the "time" custom wine, wine net net again hand Guo Jingming IP works "grand track", is intended to offer fans the ecological welfare level of wine. Network network won the "grand track" liquor exclusive IP derivatives custom rights, through big data analysis of "grand track" target audience, and matching the high fit Meilan flower cocktail brand, from the quality of wine products with the Internet to create ecological era unique product experience and brand value for users, breaking the single visual dimension viewing.

this year, continue to strengthen the network network big IP strategy, deepen the operation from the film IP, IP, IP and other sports stars to multi dimension, global private network network quality brand matrix to phenomenal IP fu. With the "grand track" movie aggressively, "grand track" IP ecological custom wine wine, is expected to become Mi >