College students entrepreneurial legend Earn 600 thousand monthly

Yu Linwei is an obsession with the "Westward Journey", love Zhu Deyong, Jimmy and Picacho boy in Hangzhou, is such an affinity, look big boy on the ornamental and the combined plain properties, founded his own advertising company of the third grade, the company opened 12 days ushered in the first deal. Since then, he has become a Xinhua news agency, people’s daily, the Zhejiang daily and other media coverage of entrepreneurial models reported. Today, in order to be able to climb a different mountain, Yu Linwei resolutely resigned, began a new business process.

entrepreneurship in February turnover exceeded 600 thousand

Yu Linwei in the school, there are a variety of glamorous name, he is the vice president of Zhejiang University literary society, is the largest of the academic community, the president is the chairman of the student union. In these social activities, the young Yu Linwei virtually mastered the school resources and government resources is very good, in a variety of social activities, learning to the future business factors.

at school, Yu Linwei and a friend met a host the Hangzhou Bureau of quality and technical supervision forum opportunity "in a few days, we finally earn pocket money, there are actually about 400000", which makes Yu Weilin feel the excitement of business for the first time.

October 2002, Yu Linwei founded the commercial exhibition and advertising based company, Hangzhou Department of finance investment management consulting co.. At that time every day and night, he led his team to explore business models, explore business direction. The establishment of the company twelfth days, he will have the first advertisers, Ningbo, a production of the overall kitchen of the enterprise; the company established second months, turnover exceeded $600 thousand. The establishment of the company for half a year, one of the company to become the Zhejiang satellite TV, a plurality of channels, the main advertising agency in the individual brand column, once occupied more than 30% market share; and sales agent of the company involved in the development of human resource management software has achieved good sales performance…… "In the entrepreneurial process, the most valuable is the perfect combination of passion and reason," Yu Linwei concluded. During this period, Shenzhen HUAWEI has no intention to become Yu Weilin’s mentor, he learned to HUAWEI, the company developed a "Hangzhou Department of Finance Investment Management Consulting Co., systematically put forward the basic law", to the enterprise, to the business, to the understanding of dreams, and proposed to introduce new entrepreneurial team members across the "acquaintance management" create, corporate governance structure to partner system based.

to do dignity enterprise

a year after the venture, the company appeared discordant voice. The new project has failed to get through, even if is only against others, eventually tend to have strong executive resistance; company management costs began to rise, a variety of entertainment expenses, the cost of public relations seems to start to lose control; market development efforts, especially for the marketing team management is lax.

Yu Linwei is aware of this change, he put forward three suggestions: first, and the company has been in the TV station close cooperation with Hangzhou, West Lake Expo as an opportunity, the theme of the advertising business planning information; "