That a few have set up shop in Tmall imported supermarkets sell

can only say, stay in very small areas.

Sainsbury s recently announced that the British supermarket will increase Sainsbury ‘s Tmall flagship store to one hundred types of goods, mainly for breakfast, drinks, organic food and infant supplies in the field of brand, and also intends to increase the commodity areas.

Sainsbury ‘s Tmall flagship store was opened in September last year, now the store sales is the best milk Sainsbury’ is owned by s, the total sales volume of 37624.


this number many imported supermarket in Tmall’s only general, now the American supermarket Costco Tmall flagship store in the highest sales of goods are nuts, sales number is 391268, while the German supermarket Metro Tmall flagship store is the highest sales volume aka should be off the milk, sales number is 151026 (the above figures are due on the Tuesday morning data).

in absolute terms, still stay in a very small area.

2010 Sainsbury s "once considered follow the pace to enter the China Tesco, was sent to the executive team to assess whether China should set up shop in Beijing, but eventually gave up.

Chinese now is the largest international buyers online sales of British goods, royal mail data show that through the network channels are sold overseas British products, 25% of consumers Chinese.

opened Tmall flagship store and more types of goods, that Sainsbury ‘s is not willing to give up China this huge market, while in the store by the electricity supplier impact, now many foreign supermarkets have taken in cooperation with Tmall to sell to the consumer Chinese.

over the past few years, Sainsbury ‘s and other supermarkets, faced with competition from the electricity supplier, business is not good, the latest quarter sales fell 0.8%. However, as a supermarket, the increase to 100 species, not much ah.