Ali class credit card whirlwind no card consumption impact of the traditional model

reporter Tao Yingzhou Beijing reported

"if there is such a product, I will try it, after all, I have 6 years of Alipay users, trust it." Taobao V5 user Wang Peng said.

the user’s trust is perhaps the Alibaba has confidence in the launch of credit payment products emboldened. "China Times" reporter learned from the Alipay, the product will be the fastest in mid April to be officially launched, offering the object for the majority of buyers, credit based on user transaction data can be paid in Taobao shopping.

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Alibaba will refer to it as a "credit", but the industry has to be regarded as another form of credit card ", think it will break the traditional financial system, entering a new era of consumer credit.

credit payment April listing

as the leader in online shopping, Ma Yun, any move will cause widespread concern in the industry, the recent launch of the credit payment financial services products in the financial sector caused more news. From its introduction, the product function will cover all 80 million Alipay users, Alipay will be based on user transaction data, credit line of credit can be used to pay Taobao shopping.

public information display, the current financial Ali has begun initial collection and analysis of relevant data, including the core index of user registration time, online consumer bad records, real name authentication, buyers of credit rating, and divided into different levels according to the user’s qualification, to decide the final line of credit, a minimum of 200 yuan up to 5000 yuan.

, if the overdraft from the point of view, this is indeed the same as the function of the credit card, or another form of credit card." Analysys International analyst Zhang Meng said, but from Ali’s point of view, they are not willing to call a virtual credit card, and more willing to call "credit payment".

in various media interviews, Ali financial public relations chief Tong Wang also repeatedly stressed: This is not related to the credit card, but we launched a consumer credit products for Taobao buyers." One of the important reasons that I am afraid that the "credit card" and can only be used in alipay.

reporter dialed Alipay customer service phone, ask the buyer as how to apply this product. In this regard, the customer service staff answer is the fastest product line to mid April 2013". Prior to this, they should first conduct internal training, then answer to how to apply this product, apply amount, but there is no doubt, "according to different buyers have different levels of credit, and to the area."

reporter noted that, in accordance with the terms of Ali, credit payment business will be the first in Hunan, Zhejiang pilot, after the time will be extended to other provinces and cities to promote.