E8 implanted Taobao features online shopping cover 860 million users in one fell swoop

day before, Chinese version of the latest version IE8 browser in Microsoft launched, Microsoft retail network taobao.com jointly launched the "Asia’s largest is zoned is three new search function, lightning search, collection shop". These features for IE users to provide a more convenient Internet Consumer Portal, and further enrich and enhance the user experience of IE products.


operating system and browser products occupy the global market absolute advantage, the international market analysis firm OneStat.com published a survey report, the Microsoft IE browser still to 86.63% of the market share occupied the first browser market. International consulting firm comScore published a survey report, as of December 2008, the global Internet users exceeded 1 billion. Through cooperation with Microsoft, the online retail industry directly with the world’s 860 million Internet users direct access to the first entrance".

three new features, "which draw that search function allows IE8 users to browse any website, drag selected interested in name, you can see the Taobao product information in the pop-up window, make online shopping everywhere, to provide consumers with safe, reliable, convenient shopping entrance. The Amoy shop can be collected through a collection of stores Taobao Click to monitor changes in commodity information, and instant feedback commodity trading information.

reporter saw the release of the first week, that is, that is, search, lightning search both become Microsoft’s official online IE8, consumer selection, the most popular feature of the top runner up. Taobao official website to download the IE8 Taobao customized version in addition to providing the above two features, but also for all Taobao users to add new Taobao visual search (visual search) and Taobao anti phishing (Anti-Phishing) function.

days ago, taobao.com registered users has exceeded 120 million, in the China every 3 users in 1 is taobao.com registered users, the annual turnover of more than one hundred billion yuan, is Chinese total retail sales of social consumer goods 1%, taobao.com has become an important force to change the Chinese consumption concept and create a network of retail market. Microsoft customized version of IE8 through Taobao, IE users to provide a more convenient Internet consumer portal.

Analysys International analyst Cao Fei said: Taobao has 120 million users, Chinese online shopping crowd basically is the user of Taobao, which allows Taobao to become the first choice for new users to try online shopping. The implantation of Taobao search, IE8 browser will become Taobao and Internet users direct docking channel, the online shopping industry expansion has a positive effect, using the IE browser users can more direct access to taobao.com.

is looking consulting analyst Zhou Hongmei also said that the taobao.com and Microsoft in the IE8 browser to add a shopping search function will become a new consumption pattern to guide users to the breaking point, this cooperation will help the users to change the products of interest to purchase behavior, is a revolutionary change in preferential trade information from consumers passive to active push the.