Baidu low key push micro buy to build a large entrance B2C


following a low-key launch of the shopping search, Baidu in terms of electricity providers and new initiatives. Recently, Baidu launched a shopping application micro purchase, the user in the search for certain goods after Baidu, no need to jump to the source site, can be directly applied in the Baidu page box registration, single. In this regard, experts believe that Baidu is facing the challenge of changing the user’s online shopping habits.

recently, Baidu launched a low-key micro purchase shopping applications, when the user searches for certain goods, will trigger Baidu micro purchase. Users do not need to register to quickly order, and in the absence of jump to the source site, the application can be completed in the Baidu page application box. Chinese commercial news reporter learned that the user orders for the operation, the need to fill in the phone number, verification code, address and other information, cash on delivery. In addition, users can also in the Baidu micro purchase application page query order, the application returns etc.. Baidu micro purchase, the first category of goods containing only wine, cosmetics, confectionery, mainly from the electricity supplier B2C1 shop. Subsequently, Baidu micro purchase has been testing, improve its functionality, and increase the scope of goods. It is understood that the current micro purchase business cooperation has expanded from 1 stores to Jingdong, mall,, SF preferred, serves network and other electricity supplier website.

on how to cooperate with Baidu B2C related businesses, Baidu public relations to the Chinese commercial news reporter yesterday, said the company is still on holiday, temporarily unclear.

said Baidu micro purchase resorted to this trick, analysis of the industry, the first micro purchase can become big entrance all B2C. "No matter what the user loyalty to the brand, the final purchase of goods, the search box into the entrance of goods, Baidu this knife stable, accurate, ruthless." The analysts said, because the user needs to fill in the order of mobile phone, address and other basic information in the Baidu application frame, so Baidu also accumulated some chain, the original user fine share, on each site on goods, now these contents can be integrated into a Baidu platform. Next, if the integration of data, Baidu also can be established across various B2C membership system, such as through various websites are integral, active power of loyal users into micro purchase any B2C user loyalty. But Internet commentators Hong Bo believes that Baidu this trick is not optimistic, because the user’s current online shopping habits are still in need of research, more than three, or even bargain.