Years ago to shop off season could be done

recently, colleagues often hung in the mouth of the sentence is: is the end of October, the new year is coming. Although it is still a bit early, but it reminds me of the upcoming off-season. Does the time passed quickly, may be a blink of an eye, the Spring Festival is coming soon, and to the end of the year, we are busy celebrating the new year, the attention to Internet is less, resulting in some of the shop’s business is therefore affected. According to the experience over the years, nothing is better than. But most webmasters just look at this situation, some worry, but do not intend to have what, we are in the new year, the industry is. However, the opportunity is always with various situations coexist, it administrator can still use this time to do some useful things, to enhance their competitiveness in the season is more favorable to seize their own opportunities.

just like the same as the store, the store will always be around the school during the school holiday store decoration, the site can be in this period of appearance and function of the revision and upgrade. Things always have to go forward, and users also like to have a more familiar in the familiar interface, more powerful operating features. But in peacetime, because the larger the amount of use of the site, if this type of operation, most likely affect the user experience, affecting the normal operation of the site. If this period to carry out this kind of tedious, continuous improvement of the work, it can reduce the influence, but also allows users to return after the holiday has a greater surprise.

in addition to the store can be done to improve the processing, the site to do some optimization of the product is also more important. The site administrator can store their goods as a whole, the commodity market to see what is best, what is the reason to do so, then can be an antidote against the disease in order to better seize the user’s heart, that he or she often pay attention to you.

generally to this kind of time, the intensity of the propaganda may be relatively small, it can also understand. But the proposal can not lose publicity, in particular, can be carried out for some old customers during the Spring Festival blessing propaganda. In this way, it will allow users to feel very intimate, emotionally easier to believe that these shops. People pay attention to the psychological war, I think this is actually a kind of humanistic management.

these should all be regarded as an external service, then in this season, webmasters can have their own opportunities?

When the

shop is busy, may be pitch-dark, most of them are busy, no time to do other things, can be either ancient or present people think that learning is never interrupted, since the previous busy, so now in addition to the shop for some improvements, when the self is Study hard to take charge the. Learn some management knowledge, learn a little financial knowledge, such a variety of, will be of great help to the development of your shop.

although there is still a period of time from the Spring Festival, saying that these things are still a little early, but I would like to dedicate this article to everyone, I hope that the network