The first day will be a minon agricultural value analysis

why did you write this article?

is only one reason for the vast majority of people think that "enter the market" on the first day, you can become a professional "old rice farming" is impossible! I said it could


, Mengniu Group is a living example. A reporter asked: "Mister Gensheng Mengniu rocket speed because of" thick plot firing "". Working for others and their bosses are two completely different business, if you don’t work for now, whether communist or large enterprises, are working for others, to understand the market analysis are very scarce. "Thick" is rapidly becoming a precondition for "old rice farming", is also a necessary condition. There are those who say, you are not qualified to say that you do not say this, I was a rocket speed; never mind two, no money, but the first day is "veteran" reason is here.

two, "only quantitative to qualitative change! People are different, some need to become hostage for a month to a year, some people will take 35 years to several decades, some people even life can not change, what can happen. How to change with the least amount of? People is probably about 95% of the materials are the same, no genius and mediocre points, only 5% have slightly different, but the way of life is decided this slightly 5%. However, what is this 5%? Live for decades, and everyone knows that a specific study of their own!

three, "in order to understand baizhanbudai". Only to understand themselves in order to improve their winrate. How many people know yourself? Many people feel smart, actually nobody always think they are the most intelligent people. So it is so quick rice farming, rice farmers are scarce, there is a reason for this is the hidden deep master never tells you what you are doing. "Wolf wolf, snake snake." ah! A few people know the real insider here, watching the news, do not know. There is only one way to know is to master, Master Lu forced art, but he is also good at stealing art, but this world few will stunt! So what is that? All of their own to play


four, the overall situation, than people like to call the "big market". Others will say that you are a stock of the original! Wrong, than people will not fry, and never fry. Why? Is that the stock market is large and power control, was playing the most is I don’t want to do. And some people say that the "market" is playing a. It depends on your hands, your character and your mental quality and other factors, in fact, can completely control their own. The overall situation is not in the hands of others, you can control yourself!

five, in fact there are many necessary conditions, is actually the details, the details of doing nothing more than two kinds of people: one is the best layout, the two spy (the art of War spy 5). No detail! Shopping malls such as the battlefield


, however, the purchase of rice is only an advertising behavior of the terminal!