Electricity supplier’s Valentine’s day benefits in the name of love earned pots full bowl full

search for "Valentine’s Day" business consumption off-season bring popular


Xu Jieyun

in the name of love, electric business is making Valentine’s day business opportunities to fill the pot full.

these days, Amovo chocolate flagship store staff can busy turning the sky. The Taobao rare pure cocoa butter chocolate shop, from the end of the month to sales have turned to 5~10 times the usual non holidays.

Amovo, head of operations Yang Xi said, a new Amovo specially 15 products, and cooperation projects for the special group purchase, but consumers have obvious passion will make them proud of: in recent days, more than and 20 customer service 24 hours shifts, each service at the same time online consumer advisory 200~500, even at the peak of 700.

well-known Amoy brand, Taobao first mask merchant Royal mud square is also waiting for the climax of the outbreak. Boss Dai Yuefeng said last week, sales of more than 40% higher than usual. In the previous Taobao big promotion, has formed the Royal Square mud festival logistics customer service, early warning mechanism, is now dealing with hundreds of times.

is different from previous years, this year’s Valentine’s day and the Spring Festival opened time, spending power or can be completely released.

"we had a rough plan before the lunar new year." Dai Yuefeng said, has been set up throughout the February Valentine’s Day promotional season.

Yang Xi also said this year finally to Valentine’s day, "the annual" is expected to eventually total sales will probably reach 70 thousand ~8 million, almost 4 times last year. The occasional characteristics of chocolate products, this result is almost 1.5 times last year’s day and Christmas sales activities and 4 times. Dai Yuefeng said, is expected throughout the February sales grew 7 to 8 times.

more businesses immersed in the tide of love consumption. Taobao statistics show that in 2012 a week before Valentine’s Day: Shanghai, a total of nearly 3000 people on the Internet ordering flowers, the purchase of chocolate, the 10000 people to buy Plush toys, the purchase of jewelry for the 57000.

from Amoy network data show that since the beginning of Spring Festival work, search for "Valentine’s Day", "Valentine’s Day", "creative gift" users rise by more than three times, of which women prefer creative gifts, such as "DIY", "romantic" and "wine" is the most searched keywords, and men are like roses, chocolate, Teddy bear "three".

data show taobao.com, as one of the traditional gift for Valentine’s day, last week turnover of 790409 pieces of chocolate, search 1484628 times, rose 268.79%, a total of 99680 people to buy, including male 36.4%, female 63.6%. Compared to last year, 96829 people to buy the 624502, it has been promoted.

is similar to chocolate, flowers turnover of 145615, search 401>