n the electronic commerce will decide on what path to follow 2012

wave of e-commerce has been in the economic market ups and downs in the sea. Electronic commerce is in full bloom in the spring, or be in full swing summer or cold bleak winter? Ganji.com is where the layoffs, the backlog of inventory, many e-commerce companies are funding chain binding breathing is not smooth, with a few dollars and ten dollars in exchange for a piece of money, a few cents of meagre earnings for a long time, can


though, but the electronic commerce will become the trend of the development of the Internet, in Chinese, the slow pace with economic growth and people’s income decline in confidence, e-commerce in this crevice rises occupy the mainstream business in. Of course, the resistance is great, the so-called left is king, who can hold on to the end, who will be the winner of the king!

divergent CCTV 315 party did not condemn the spearhead of e-commerce. Although heard online shopping complaints ranked first, but also so that the network shopping in people’s life plays a very important role in the competition, but the jungle blindly emphasizes the market position, while ignoring the service and perfect management.

most people suspect in Ma in the end what to do, but no one can give an exact answer, as the leading e-commerce enterprises, Alibaba started in the electronic commerce board layout from last year, the first is Alipay personal, then Alibaba privatized, renamed Tmall Juhuasuan mall, such as the management of a big shake, combined with recent CCTV began to spread rumors of Alipay advertising, Ma personally visited the Ministry of railways, the train ticket online shopping will benefit from the public in the near future. In the information age, the most important thing is to grasp the initiative, Ma and Alibaba clear cognition to the trend and future economic trends, so as to make the Alibaba market stand more stable, more appropriate, more valuable.

best copy of the Tencent also can not wait to launch QQ express, disguised moved in the courier company, caifutong is not behind Alipay, activities one after another. In the field of electronic commerce, the Alibaba has been strong resistance, but the resistance to power, the development of Tencent can not be underestimated. The small and medium-sized e-commerce enterprises are also not neglect the Jingdong where the mall built logistics, open platform, Dangdang to sell its own brand of children’s clothing, beauty / mogujie.com / Strawberry shop e-commerce platform also began to run high streets and back lanes. China’s e-commerce system is complex, e-commerce system has become increasingly mature.

e-commerce in the future will be added to many enterprises? Must be all, e-commerce stretched idle away in seeking pleasure, more and more long, more and more wide, spreading all of people’s life, the whole society is under the influence of e-commerce in e-commerce era of the people. The above content from the Chinese supply network http://s.www.v161.com in the first Admin5, reproduced please keep the website, thank you!