Ali to dominate the sea Amoy brand Jingdong the United States can only stand

text / Li Junhui

more than 88% of the sea Amoy trademark by Ali department application, then sea Amoy will be monopolized by Alibaba


Trademark Office (China trademark) query results show that by the end of June 1, 2015, the Trademark Office has received 17 pieces of "sea washes" word trademark application, in addition, there are 34 containing sea Amoy words totaling hundreds of "sea washes" trademark application.

in 17 "has been submitted to the sea Amoy text trademark application, the Alibaba directly submitted 9 pieces of Alibaba affiliates Hunan happy Taobao Culture Communication Co. Ltd. submitted 6 pieces, in other words, the equivalent of more than 88% of the" sea washes "word trademark" Ali "submitted by.

many people may doubt: is now widespread public perception of "overseas shopping" synonymous with the sea Amoy, why can be registered as a trademark? Sea Amoy trademark will be exclusive of other Alibaba? In the sea Amoy business or enterprise business platform will be forced to "Rename"


obviously, the answer is not so simple.

inventory sea Amoy trademark: the first application occurred in 2010


Trademark Office (China trademark) query results show that by the end of June 1, 2015, the 17 "has been submitted to the sea Amoy file a trademark application, 8 registered, 5 have been invalid, another 4 temporary application"".

in fact, the earliest "sea washes" trademark, by the Hunan happy Taobao Culture Communication Co. Ltd (HI Tao nets submitted in December 6, 2010, when they apply for breath 6 "sea washes" word mark, apply for protection of the goods or categories of class 28, class 35, class 38, class 39, class 41 and class 42.

on hi Amoy network and Hunan happy Taobao Culture Communication Co., Ltd., many electricity providers may not be unfamiliar. The company, which was founded in March 4, 2010, was jointly funded by Taobao and Hunan tv.

by April 18, 2010, based on the television and electricity supplier of the company’s production integration television program "more Amoy more fun" in Hunan TV premiere, hosted by the famous presenter featuring Wang Han, and brothers "articles every day more Amoy more happy" to help out, was very hot.

many well-known Taobao sellers and buyers have participated in the program. There is no denying that the program has played a huge role in the concept of online shopping, online shopping and online shopping culture spread.

and hey Amoy network then repeatedly adjust the strategy, from the early focus spike to the transformation of overseas goods purchasing, and now become a focus on women’s makeup business platform.

obviously, from the development process of Amoy Amoy network point of view, when they apply