UnionPay online counterattack opened in a desperate struggle

has been China, UnionPay is our country market clearing the big boss, but with the popularity of the Internet, Alipay, WeChat and other online payment means of payment will come into being, and gradually become an indispensable part of people’s life, China Cup bid farewell to 12 years of a dominant era, but also face new challenges. In order to cater to the era, China UnionPay officially launched its own mobile payment APP – cup wallet".

can not be denied, Chinese UnionPay dominate the bank card payment, but when it comes to mobile payment, presumably most people first reaction is Alipay, followed by WeChat to pay. UnionPay wallet started too late, the market has already been pre emptive several best mobile payment platform. Stand on the giant feet Challenge Cup wallet is really no way out,


strength disparity challenge

as the bright younger generation many people on the UnionPay wallet, do not quite understand, have not even heard of it.

cup wallet APP interface, and most of the mobile payment platform is very similar, coupons, coupons, rebates electronic ticket etc.. Add their own interest coupons, and bind the bank card, you can use the online POS machine credit card spending. As the launch of the application UnionPay, savings cards and credit cards can be quickly bound, in general, is very convenient.

but now, UnionPay wallet function is very limited, discount rarely do not say, such as rebates go, electronic tickets and other items are also unable to use. Only a few simple features, it is clear that the market can replace it APP too much.

on the other hand, users still need to end the POS machine credit card spending, strictly speaking, UnionPay wallet is not fully into the field of online payment. Thus, the current cup wallet just put up a platform, and even the skeleton is not complete, not to mention the flesh plump.

, by contrast, after years of grinding of Alipay, all aspects are more mature. Through Alipay wallet, can have a credit card, pay utility fees, cable television fees, buy lottery tickets, air tickets, train tickets, and even pay a fine. Alipay recently launched sesame credit and ant flowers chant this kind of virtual credit card services, the strength of known Alipay is showing a trend to replace the traditional bank card business.

data show that Alipay daily number of transactions over 45 million pen, third party mobile payment accounted for 80% of the share in the market. Relying on a strong domestic market, Alipay now has begun to enter the field of cross-border payments, and has established branches in the United States, Singapore, South Korea, Britain, Luxemburg and Australia 6 countries. In the face of the strength of the poor, UnionPay wallet in order to stand up, it is difficult in the embarrassing situation.

attack cup wallet

in China, UnionPay card is almost a person, or a few. China UnionPay was founded 13 years ago, the cooperation has been covered by the full