A deep sea go into the cross border cross border electricity supplier business model


I world network operators the author has analyzed the cross-border electricity supplier of preexistence, and attitudes of some market dynamics and the state for cross-border electricity supplier, now in my personal experience to share with the readers, what is the potential bottlenecks and their merits and cross-border business model.

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has analyzed the past life of cross-border electricity providers, as well as some market dynamics and the attitude of the state for cross-border electricity supplier. Today we come to the point of real, personal experience to share with you readers, cross-border electricity supplier in the business model of their respective bottlenecks and advantages.

currently several major electricity supplier business model:

1 M2C

2 C2C

3 B2C

The sale will be


5 sociality, shopping guide class

hidden mode: XX system

M2C representative: Tmall international, ocean pier

two companies, although the volume is not the same, but in essence, are settled in the business platform, the transaction by businesses and consumers themselves. Platform for payment and communication.


light, low investment, although there is no profit model, but the timeliness of cross-border cash flow itself, the turnover period is very long, the hand can deposit cash, how to make money have no matter, the actual platform to do is volume, no do not earn money, Jingdong for 10 years at a loss, or again, think that the electricity supplier makes money by selling goods, that is the layman. The most important mode of the platform is the essence of the Internet to play to the maximum, reducing all intermediate links, which is the essence of e-commerce.


1 no profit point;

2 can not control the quality of goods;

3 customer service service, domestic and cross-border disputes after all, if there is a problem, return is a very troublesome thing.

to do a thing is to do something, that is to solve the supply chain, although the essence of the electricity supplier is to solve the supply chain, but the platform to do more. The local electricity supplier so tough because there are so many logistics companies to solve supply chain, cross-border no one did so mature, Tmall, ocean terminal will be their positions, build logistics, ocean terminal even have their own transport company, to solve the problem of the supply chain. Indeed, the platform is to solve the supply chain.

: platform mode here threshold, if there are people want to go the route on the platform, a bit later, unless you like cattle operations team and Tmall, your supply chain solutions have several express operation ability. Otherwise, don’t touch it. < >