Although the user buy back rate of over 98% sites still need to strengthen the integrity


with the continuous development of China’s Internet industry, the number of buy site showed explosive growth. Data research firm DCCI recently released the first half of 2011 Chinese network group purchase user survey report ", the report shows that users choose group purchase website return rate of 98.4%, but not (Continued) choose the reasons for service group purchase group purchase Website Trust is not high" accounted for 52.5%. Visible, buy a website as soon as the rise of a serious lack of integrity of the industry, the site needs to strengthen the integrity.

buy the number of websites showed explosive growth

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group purchase a climax, accompanied by huge advertising, venture capital, talent bubble in the voices of doubt in stride forward singing militant songs. According to China Internet Information Center released the "twenty-eighth Chinese Internet development report" shows: the first half of 2011, the 42 million 200 thousand China group purchase from the end of 2010 the number of users increased to 18 million 750 thousand in 2011 in the first half of the growth rate reached 125%.

rapid growth of the network to buy the market competition. Although buy website "construction cost is low, cash runs fast", but the behavior that copy blindly only can make its future development is difficult. In this regard, the industry believes that the domestic 5000 buy site, the final will have more than 95% of the proportion fell. However, the front of the army continued to fall, there are people who can not wait to catch up, the number of new sites can even be used to describe the crazy. Data show that in July the new group buying site 221, as of July 31st, the number of national buy site reached a record of 5472, with an average daily new buy site of 7.13.

with the development of the group buying industry, the way the group is also increasing. There are online shopping platform (from the Internet to buy the phone to buy), located in the office of the market to enjoy the special offer to buy, buy the phone, the door to buy, buy cars and other ways to buy.

‘s group purchase website service was difficult

with the increasing sales of online sales, consumer dissatisfaction and complaints are also increasing, a few false buy site directly harm the interests of consumers. made a survey, in which group purchase chaos most distasteful this, more than half 891 users can not guarantee the quality of goods group purchase choice". Obviously "shoddy, fake and real" behavior that consumers abhor. At the same time, buy inferior quality goods, providing false goods, outdated refund difficult, false news hype, buy site integrity has become a common phenomenon in the industry has become the bottleneck of the development of group buying website.

buy site itself, most of the integrity of the service has not yet been a standard. Buy site relative to the general electricity supplier companies, the rise late, infrastructure is not yet perfect, many services and there is no uniform rules