Private courier two camps SF and Ali who can express a boss

reporter Wang Xiaoyu Beijing reported

to "four links and one up" as the core of China’s private courier enterprise backbone of the Tonglu Gang, after the completion of the original accumulation of capital and industrial layout, began to show a completely different path choice.

in Yuantong Express (hereinafter referred to as TACT) accept the Alibaba’s investment alone, after which his successful "embedded" rookie network, the eldest brother of SF EXPRESS and several other Tonglu courier companies in the domestic private express industry (hereinafter referred to as SF) under the leadership of "nest in the last mile field".

Feng nest and rookie


is not a new attempt, and the competition already exists in the layout, but Feng Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Feng nest nest) still in the field of intelligent courier cabinet for the express industry is starting the last mile field.

Feng nest is by SF and STO (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai), through courier (hereinafter referred to as the pass), rhyme Express (hereinafter referred to as the rhyme) of several courier companies and modern logistics and industrial infrastructure provider ProLogis group (ProLogis, hereinafter referred to as Papadopoulos) in June 6th announced the establishment of the enterprise. According to Feng nest aspect, its main business is the development and operation of intelligent courier cabinet, and will be for all courier companies and electricity providers to provide a platform for logistics express delivery interactive business.

according to business registration information can be learned, in April 8th this year registered Feng nest total investment scale of 500 million yuan, accounting for 35% of the shares of the SF, Shen Tong, Tong rhyme each accounted for 20%, accounted for 5% of papadopoulos.

SF core sent executives Xu Yubin served as general manager of Feng nest, thus its importance. A few giants including SF, will not directly involved in the operation and management of Feng nest nest, Feng will become social logistics resources, the platform identity for all courier companies, businesses, community commercial service providers open.

It is noted that

had already received huge investment Alibaba Yuantong did not participate in the project and its Alibaba Feng nest, build the rookie network and Feng investment also constitute a nest direct competitive relationship.

The interesting thing about

is that the number of courier companies involved in the project is actually a direct competitive relationship with each other.

SF self-developed smart courier cabinet has been for a long time, several partners because of common interests and strategic direction of the investment together, "SF an insider told reporters in June 8th, for its combination with several major competitors to create a platform gives this explanation," competitive business does not mean that there is no cooperation, the market is still very great, there is enough room for imagination."

according to a person close to the nest, 500 million yuan is only the initial investment, according to the size and stage of development of the company and operating conditions, there will be more follow-up action."

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