From the Alibaba and the NetEase entry gap hand made business

Lu Ning Xin do not want to set the excellent products too tall on, but to integrate into the pursuit of style of the new middle class life.


source: Vision China

The optimal set of product

founded in 2011 was started by a team of 30 people around the team of buyers, the main selection of overseas supplies, the initial service is more high consumption levels of users.

but with the deepening of the concept of consumer upgrades, excellent collection of the target customer base is also growing.

excellent set of products, founder Lu Ningxin told the interface news reporter, now after 90 or even 95 of the consumer demand for daily necessities is getting higher and higher, which gives a good set of great development space."


excellent set of products founder Lu Ning Xin

5 years ago began to focus on the quality of life of the electricity supplier is not much, but now, this is already a competitor’s market. One of the players there is no shortage of NetEase such a large company, Ali has also launched a focus on household goods.

Lu Ningxin think excellent set of products is different from other companies that can cut from the scene of life, covering consumer demand for one-stop supplies.

day before, the optimal set of goods has just won the Carolina life lead investor, DCM Chinese, Ding venture capital investment of $20 million B+ round of financing. Carolina called Luolai life before, from the beginning of 2014 to expand in the scene from the textile category to other Home Furnishing, trying to meet all the needs of the Home Furnishing scene.

"Carolina life more optimistic about the optimal set of products in the consumer upgrades as the entrance to life consumption process," Lu Ningxin said, "almost all the goods home we will need to cover, and through professional buyers evaluation."

is the optimal set of products a total of more than 8 thousand SKU in the sale of goods, divided into body, Home Furnishing, kitchen, baby, travel, office, seven pet in this category, the sales of high-end brand preference, customer price at around 350 yuan, with the little red book and other cross-border electricity providers and other similar.

but to do electricity supplier of life is not easy, the first to face the optimal set of goods buyers team problem is the selection of dimensions. From the beginning to find high quality goods, later according to the family living space, increase health care products, improve the quality of life of the fragrance and other goods, the optimal set of product selection has experienced three different stages.

buyer is the company and Tmall, Jingdong and the giant platform is not the same place. The optimal set of goods has a dedicated team of buyers, cost-effective supplies for selection of the world, each category featured several brands, to help users save shopping time.

selected the direction of life electricity supplier, excellent set of products to do the depth of fine operation." Lu Ningxin tells interface