Please be careful business ads Fanzao not infamy

is known as the China man version of "sex and the city", "FHM" has attracted attention since its launch, the network TV shows on demand charts is clueless, hits the high popularity. In the view of smart business, where there is popular, there is business opportunities, indeed, the synchronization in the network hit version of "man" became the target of many businesses look at fiercely as a tiger does. Aside from the video playback before and after the regular advertising does not talk about the soft implanted TV drama inside the ad is the focus of all the eyes of the Internet users, becoming more popular than the story of the men and women love the topic of public opinion hot spots.

"ws-331m over low", this is the reality of the Jingdong store advertising words, but also the "FHM" inside Huang Lei’s lines. The play, Huang Lei worry about the need for dinner tableware problems, and later decided to go online ordering, then, Jingdong LOGO impressively into the screen. If you simply point to, the Internet users can probably force "digest", but the key often behind the finale. "Hey, Jingdong mall?" Huang Lei continued to call the customer service consulting, can be described as the advertising implanted naked play to the extreme. The sentence should ridicule, "how old are inside the advertising spots on TV," netizens "digestion", became a joke".

is a popular TV show, you can gather a large number of users attention, naturally become the victim of many electricity providers, as long as you find the story with the electricity supplier products associated with it, the logical placement, no ground for blame, well-known e-commerce expert Chinese Nobel On the one hand is the TV investment needs to recover the cost, profit, on the other hand, advertisers select excellent play platform on advertising, this is a win-win thing to hit it off. But the process performance way if you don’t get recognized by the audience, no gain positive effect, but will incur blame, counterproductive.

Sohu is the earliest ads gleaned network company benefit. The Spring Festival in 2009, the uncle of the classic works of "not bad money" to give Sohu a small advertising, Sohu for the first time in front of the National People’s high-profile appearance. At that time, the uncle argued that only because of the friendship readily talk, not ads. However, in the second year, the Sohu is not a view control, not only two appearances, even its products are brought together, it seems simply by virtue of the uncle friendship coverage has not cover the Sohu. This motivated the plot, not only let Zhao Benshan leave negative impression in the hearts of the people, is to let the audience with Sohu of the accused, don’t scrape up to reputation, throw several baskets of infamy.

Jingdong mall in the men’s help, which appears too high probability, almost every episode has several times. Soft advertising implant story too much, more or less will let the audience have the feeling of being, so repeatedly, bring a large area of the collective "vomit tank" is also expected. Since the past two years, the spring festival couplet