The new trend of cross border electricity supplier from the focus on supply channels to the logisti

2013 can be said to be the first year of cross-border electricity supplier, after the cross-border electricity supplier called sea Amoy + purchasing mode. With the electricity supplier on both sides of the ocean giant layout overseas markets, the concept of cross-border electricity supplier has gradually formed. March 2014, the Customs issued a cross-border e-commerce services pilot online shopping bonded import mode notice formally established the direction of the development of cross-border electricity supplier. If you will disperse before the sea Amoy + purchasing model known as cross-border electricity supplier 1 era, then start from the pilot, cross-border electricity providers will enter the era of the 2.

cross-border online shopping market formation

since China’s accession to the WTO in 2001, the domestic export industry ushered in ten years of gold. Export enterprises rely on diligence and wisdom for the rapid accumulation of foreign exchange, by the end of 2013 foreign exchange reserves reached 3 trillion and 820 billion. Such a huge amount of foreign exchange reserves to provide funds for overseas shopping abroad. On the other hand, accession to the WTO to open to the outside world, from all over the world commodity into the domestic market, in 2013 the annual Chinese total import and export $4 trillion and 160 billion, total annual imports 1 trillion and 950 billion, total exports amounted to 2 trillion and 210 billion. The Chinese people’s income has increased substantially, and the demand for consumption is bound to increase and diversify.

macro view, China strong export and domestic high-speed development driven by the national income increased rapidly and the strength of the RMB pushed all the way strong, since 2001 8.27 rise to 6.05 by the end of 2013, the RMB purchasing power increased, the ability Chinese consumer goods overseas soared. The willingness of the Chinese to buy overseas goods is growing.

as everyone knows, imported goods need to pay value-added tax and consumption tax, import tariffs, but also to calculate logistics warehousing cost and profit of imported goods distributors eventually flow into the market, to reach the hands of consumers when prices have been higher than the export price of double or even multiple. At the same time, the international brand pricing strategy is different, for the Greater China region to implement price discrimination policy to distinguish consumer groups. Cause the brand export price has been higher than similar domestic goods.

China’s accession to the WTO ten years, but also the golden age of China’s rapid development of the internet. The popularity of the domestic Internet and the improvement of national education, so that the Chinese people more open vision. The flood of information in foreign countries comes with the trade of goods. People gradually found that the same product disparity at home and abroad, which is the sea Amoy + purchasing model of the driving force.

at the same time, the quality of domestic products reported constantly, so that people are disappointed in the quality of domestic goods. One of the most representative is the 2008 Sanlu milk powder incident. In contrast, people are more willing to believe that overseas products have quality assurance, have joined the sea Amoy team. For individuals, they may be scouring the milk for children, for his wife to wash cosmetics, for the family Amoy daily necessities…… And for the country, is the customs of the personal mail gateway soared international express; for the industry is springing up to do the international Chinese transport company, only the Chinese of the United States