Large electricity providers to do careful buy Juhuasuan to improve

recently exposed numerous news: group purchase website IPO handle failure; 24 reduction in the basic Securities Sales Department, the three line of the city from the war; many group purchase website for a long time not updated product information and so on, seems not too optimistic about the future of the group purchase website.

In contrast, Taobao

, Yu Wen is still double eleven victory continues, Thanksgiving and twelve in the preheating, then is the end of a shopping spree, a wave, is continuous. Jingdong shop is also in full swing. Comparison of online shopping malls and buy these two mainstream online trading now, it is clear that online shopping is better.

has learned that there are a lot of homegrown on the main line of the Taobao business, looking for some group purchase station at the end of the year, make a batch of group purchase group purchase, with cold, businesses are also cautious. "I was ready to do some products at the end of a range of group purchase, sprint, did not expect to encounter this sort of thing now." A Taobao mall marketing staff, said, now put the focus on the side of Taobao, Juhuasuan can also be regarded as a channel to buy, as far as possible on it, after all, the main business is still on Taobao."

In fact, many of them have their own raw materials processing line of businesses, in Taobao, pat, Jingdong, shop No.

and other online shopping malls are channels, a channel can not meet their sales needs. Buy this is more popular in today’s marketing channels, of course, but also within the scope of their consideration, but the group met the winter, so that they do a lot of careful when buying.

Taobao traffic is large, large base, easy to browse, coupled with the now scouring the erection, making Taobao’s comprehensive position has been significantly improved." Taobao mall promotion in a situation now that nut analysis to "Taobao activities, gold coins and Juhuasuan home page, its flow is bigger, sometimes in the business circle, even if Juhuasuan can seize a life-saving straw."

thus, Taobao is the largest online sales camp now, now in the group purchase net burn war, a little more negative circumstances, Juhuasuan this huge Taobao based group purchase form based on a business priority. But things are not so bad, like the tick, F, the United States and other groups still have a strong appeal, but great caution in the choice of electricity supplier.

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