The United States’ fake door business platform fake kan Qi cross

[just past 2014, with the United States, Jingdong, Ali has listed, China’s electricity supplier market has been placed under the microscope. The problem has been plagued by the major electricity supplier platform fakes, the listed companies did not spend less money]

recently trouble ridden Chen Ou once again need to come forward on the issue of electricity supplier to the point of response.

is claiming the United States overseas businesses to support email, poly America suspected of purchasing overseas unknown, even the fake cosmetics. The United States is located in Beijing warehouse checked, overseas business Sunxing director and two staff survey was taken away.

This is not the

2014 listed the glory of the moment, half a year before the outbreak of the "fake luxury gate" incident sequelae has not completely disappeared, but this time broke the news from the third party platform has been directed to proprietary sales of luxury cosmetics business.

The so-called "

" a former employee "disinformation to death was a few years ago, today (January 6th) and the emergence of" former employees of a great and powerful. "." It is no wonder that the lawsuit is the latest in the history of the New York Stock Exchange CEO Chen Ou so Tucao on micro-blog.

in fact, not only, Jingdong, Ali and other electricity providers are due to "fake" being questioned, and even friends Tucao for fake distribution center". In 2015, they will invariably "fake" as a key work in the future.

the United States’ fake door

from the morning of January 6th broke the news to the midday statement rumor, and Chen Ou illustrated long micro-blog, previously used to silence the voices of doubt to this a rare reaction alert.

but consumers for cosmetics supply did not dissipate doubts.

United States today’s situation is not a surprise, as early as before the listing, fake such a suspected seed has been planted, and now is to find a tipping point.

, however, if only the cosmetics fakes hat buckle in the United States together, it is unfair.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that in 2008, cosmetics online shopping transactions amounted to 6 billion 20 million yuan, this data has increased to $77 billion 380 million in 2013. It is expected that by 2015, cosmetics online shopping transaction size will be more than 120 billion yuan. Such a huge online shopping market, the cosmetics has become all business platform standard, and almost all of the cosmetics business in claiming that their goods are genuine, but there are still many consumers don’t ask "is it true".

it is undeniable that, due to the lack of cosmetics upstream electricity supplier procurement process, even to see the commitment of the business, consumers are also very difficult to rest assured. Moreover, this will result in cheaper cosmetics, consumers do not trust the embarrassing situation. In addition, the general non professional institutions, >