Red Shield network sword special action to be carried out electricity supplier promotion need to be

JINGWAH times news June 3rd news, it is learned from July to November to carry out the special action of the Red Shield network sword, will focus on the management and supervision of electronic business platform network promotions. For example: Double eleven, Jingdong and other electricity supplier promotional activities, and the introduction of the relevant provisions of the promotion of network management, such as. Crack down on business platform with the promotion and selling, scalping phenomenon, Taobao, Jingdong two business tycoon will become the focus of the supervision of the object. Taobao previously exposed selling events, and Jingdong sell refurbished machines and other events, really need a platform for domestic electricity supplier industry reshuffle.

promotion rules behind what hidden trick

double eleven, Jingdong 618, children’s day and so on, the electricity supplier frequent use of holiday promotions, and even their own holiday. But behind the promotion may hide some of the unspoken rules, such as: store merchants first price and then price, in order to attract consumers to buy. Or in the double eleven crazy brush, in order to get a better ranking in the station search, Taobao, Tmall brush phenomenon is still very rampant, it is difficult to get rid of. In addition, the electricity supplier platform will promotion during the festival, the planning of the sweepstakes, within a specified period of time to grab one, but how many people are winning, winning person need to disclose information, or business platform may be on data fraud.

stop promotions in the goods, a single brush

Taobao, Jingdong and other electricity trading platform are selling phenomenon, while Taobao was revealed that nearly 60% of the fake Taobao shop brush single brush reputation phenomenon repeated. Standard electronic business platform, the focus is to combat fake, eliminate scalping phenomenon, the deeper is the electricity supplier data fraud. Ali is also actively in the teeth of the storm to complete the process of self purification, launched the "China quality" strategy, help local enterprises to complete the transformation. But how to fake Taobao internal efficiency, must be supervised the relevant departments and the society, the fake electronic business platform is a very long process.

sellers, electronic business platform should bear the corresponding responsibility

caused fake platform and sellers have disaster caused by flooding water, the corresponding responsibility, Ali to Taobao on those selling businesses close one eye. Taobao and the seller in order to gain more profits, the purchase of low quality products are cheap, in fact the quality of the goods and spread the goods does not have what difference. The Taobao platform has been shouted down, but always thunder, little rain, is now facing a difficult period of shuffling. Under the pressure of public opinion, Ali must be ruthless on the Taobao platform. Not only the platform and the seller, the average consumer has a corresponding obligation, but the need for a sound platform for complaints.

electronic business platform reputation is poor, not responsible, and ultimately bad luck is a large number of consumers, it is necessary to strengthen the sense of responsibility network trading platform. Taobao, Jingdong and other irregularities should focus on remediation of a platform on the platform, selling single brush etc.. Mercy may lead to the electricity supplier website reputation is getting worse, losing user loses all.

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