nternet domain name business

in the United States of Las Vegas known as a "Venice man" in the hotel, the floor is full of people, these people are not to dance, but busy network domain name auction. Not far away in front of an auctioneer is processing a large number of network domain name a list of every word, can a Huan move aroused in the field.

floor, there is a man sitting against the wall, he leaned forward, his eyes closed, put the keyboard off hands from time to time in the air, in fact he is in the expression of his great interest in a domain. The floor, a lot of people are watching him.

He is

this year is "Business 2" called "the Internet has" Korean Canadians Han Kaiwen (Kevin Ham), a registered domain name and achievements through the $300 million empire of wealth of young people. Han Kaiwen’s success is reflected in his innovative thinking and sensitive to the network business opportunities.

Han Kaiwen found business opportunities

Han Kaiwen, aged 37, settled in eastern Vancouver, canada. He was born in a Korean immigrant family, first heard of the Internet at a church in 1992, when a member told he can use the Internet to spread the gospel of people all over the world, and Han Kaiwen began to get involved in the network.

in 1998, Han Kaiwen graduated from the Columbia University School of medicine, accompanied by his wife to a hospital in Ontario internship. The following year, he became a resident doctor.

spare time, Han Kaiwen likes to delve into the Internet, and self-learning website construction and script coding. At this time, Han Kaiwen found that the information about hostglobal.com (web hosting) is still fragmentary, then decided to set up a website to provide users with web navigation. Six months later, he can earn $more than 10 thousand per month through sales advertising. Later, after pointing, Han Kaiwen found that users of hosting services are often willing to buy a network of easy to remember domain name.

aimed at the business, he decided to set up a "dnsindex. com" domain name registration guide website, help the user to register the domain name. The site is unique in that it will update the list of available domain names every week, some of which are available free of charge, and the other with a $50 fee, which is likely to have about $5000 a month.

June 2000, Han Kaiwen decided to abandon medicine from the network. Because at this time the two small sites can sometimes earn him $more than 40 thousand a month, which is more than he earned a year in the hospital to work more money, he decided to devote himself to the cause of the internet.

treasure, and create a new business model for

2000 is a sad year for the internet. In this year, the U.S. Internet bubble burst, technology stocks fell, investors have avoided. Instant >