Ali propaganda Jingdong new business to tear down the Berlin wall

– IT times Wu Yuxin

"a few days ago, I heard Liu Jingdong so that all businesses don’t do business, I was shocked, today officially called for it, not all companies do not do business, but to do business." In March 1st 2016 of Tmall’s global business conference, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong Liu Qiangdong Ma on the scene behind the loudspeaker in Yabuli entrepreneurs forum, support the traditional enterprises to build their own electricity supplier sector.

in the future, in order to support the traditional enterprise to do electricity supplier, Ali will launch three initiatives to businesses, and Tmall will also become the base of the brand business transformation of the internet.

take you overseas, rural

Tmall was determined to create a brand dealers, retailers directly to the operating channel of consumers, businesses energy is more and more strong, the Tmall ecosystem will be more and more prosperous, in this process, Ali to do is how to integrate ecosystem resources to help businesses." Zhang Yong said.

as to what form can businesses? Ali announced to the more than and 800 brands here, from now on, the Tmall business commodity base Ali brand supply center was officially launched, the unified support of rural Taobao, aliexpress other business commodity supply. Next, "aliexpress" will continue to conduct research and qualification of the Tmall business, the business has directed towards a global issue in the solicitation, offer a number of global sales tools and services, and together with rookie network for businesses to provide cross-border logistics solutions. The day started to Ali brand supply center, aliexpress to more than 2 thousand qualified enterprises issued a settled invitation.

in addition, the vast rural market is not only valued by international businesses, but also to find ways to expand the domestic businesses fertile incremental market. In the future, Tmall will further open up and rural Taobao to help businesses achieve goods circulation, improve supply efficiency. In short, that is, Tmall and rural Taobao, fast selling through the composition of the three carriages, both to do business positions on the Internet, but also to do retail business positions. From the data provided by Ali, as of now, the village of Taobao village service site has covered 27 provinces, the village of more than 10 thousand.

"three carriages" is only one, when we hot ant gold service strategic stake in Caixin media, Ali media landscape gain another victory, Ali has been the media matrix around the electricity supplier ecosystem to build, including the form of media application channels, social media, video website, mobile search, home entertainment coverage text, voice and video to the electricity supplier, in order to achieve the purpose of boosting business operations. For example, Ali to build on UC UC headlines and god horse search and other products, has covered more than 630 million people, can touch up to 98% of Internet users.

In addition to start

Ali brand supply center, MediaMatrix power, 2016, Tmall will "tmall-inside" upgrade to "TRW plans, as in the media.