Express service to his family strong Suning logistics Qingdao season to protect advanced units

February 16th, Qingdao postal service held in 2016 and 2017 summary of work plan, meeting, 8 courier companies including Qingdao Suning logistics, including SF service season won the "2016 annual Qingdao city security advanced units".

data show that Qingdao is becoming a hot area of electricity consumption, in 2016 71 Qingdao local key business platform to achieve turnover of nearly 600 billion yuan, accounting for the total amount of the whole Shandong province electricity trading platform 45%, maintain a fairly rapid growth. Driven by this, in 2016, Qingdao postal express delivery industry has developed rapidly, the completion of postal services grew by more than 40%, including courier business revenue grew by more than 23%.

electricity supplier and express the separation of consumption and services also side by side, usually to promote rapid up, such as snails, and can not reflect the progress of the express industry. The development of express industry to achieve a qualitative leap, not only to match the electricity supplier industry overall business growth, but in the promotion season One principle runs through it all. service.


therefore, face such as 618, 818, 11, double festival throughout the year special purchases for the Spring Festival promotional Festival, how to avoid every big promotion will reduce the occurrence of explosion, consumers wait and complain? What is the answer to Suning


according to the introduction, in 2016, Qingdao Suning logistics large peak operating more than 10 thousand sets of small peak of more than 100 thousand, the size of the net tuotou rate of more than 96%, the 12 consecutive month in the 26 courier company in maintaining the lowest rate in the complaint, guarantee the good of each promotion section point service work.

has such excellent service results, Suning logistics infrastructure in Qingdao is essential.

for the protection of the Shandong Peninsula logistics service, Suning logistics base in Qingdao built logistics distribution center is currently the largest base in Qingdao area, storage area of 40 thousand square meters, composed of 6 large warehouses, the traditional home appliance can store 100 thousand sets at the same time, can store 3C, life appliances, daily general merchandise etc.. In addition, the warehouse to achieve full information and mechanization of operations.

according to reports, the Qingdao Suning logistics is one of the 47 regional logistics center Suning, provide warehousing, transportation, distribution and other business services for the Shandong Peninsula, with the rapid development of, the business to achieve the scale of growth, covering Weifang, Yantai, Rizhao, Weihai Peninsula coastal city. Build dry feeder network and end point of delivery, can protect the 5 city can achieve 2 hours of rapid up, up to half a day, the outer suburbs and rural can achieve the next day, punctuality rate reached more than 95% sign.

in the future, the Shandong Peninsula as a key area of online shopping consumption, has become increasingly prominent, while Suning through the open multi scene consumer online and offline, with goods and services, connecting consumers and service, based in Qingdao, for the Shandong Peninsula to consumers.