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introduction: Despite the improvement in logistics, customer service, cross-border electricity is still not very good to solve all the problems, these are still to be explored. On the other hand, these regulars competitors – personal purchasing and sea Amoy, because it is difficult to regulate, with the advantage of the price and can still be used everywhere channels sell products.


in fact, according to customs regulations, all of the current sea Amoy behavior can be incorporated into the direct purchase of imports "and" online shopping bonded "these two kinds of cross-border trade e-commerce business model.

platform for cross-border electricity supplier largely solve the fake and return difficult problems, but also have many worries of regular cross-border business – management system, policies and regulations are not perfect. In the industry view, the industry is still in the primary stage of development, consumers in the purchase of foreign goods, you need to try to choose some of the larger, more standardized process platform.

regular army cross-border electricity supplier

, in the strict sense, the sea Amoy part of cross-border electricity supplier retail. Now a lot of electronic business platform, as well as enterprises are doing to belong to the cross-border electricity supplier." IResearch analyst Zhang Xiangli told the daily economic news reporter.

as of now, cross-border e-commerce pilot cities have 7: Shanghai, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou and. "Our country pilot cross-border electricity imports, but also to solve several problems, one is to the small parcel in the trade of goods pieces, establish a feasible way of supervision; the other is to rely on some of the cross-border electricity supplier companies related to logistics data sharing, the efficiency of the integration and promotion of customs clearance, commodity inspection." Zhang Xiangli said that many sea Amoy website does not support cross-border return, now a lot of cross-border business in an attempt to solve this problem.

in addition to Taobao, Tmall, Amazon and other integrated platform to join the electricity supplier, but also spawned a honey bud baby, foreign terminals and other vertical import electricity supplier. In addition, some traditional companies are also added, earlier this month, as the cloud network business platform step by step monkey native to Hunan also launched a global purchase business.

shortly after the outbreak of the industry, the platform can not really cooperate directly with the brand. A cross-border electricity supplier business executives told reporters, in order to facilitate access to goods from overseas supply of goods, it is in Hongkong to establish a procurement center. A lot of cooperation models are discussed."

with its own platform and self introduction of merchants settled in two modes, which is more in line with the trend of development? The idea that the introduction of third party cooperation brand but in the supply chain to control the weak, relatively speaking, self to ensure consumers better experience. However, Analysys think tank analyst Wang Xiaoxing told reporters that the two modes will exist for a long time, consumers will not directly feel the difference.

in fact, regular military cross-border electricity supplier platform has been >