Jumei com accused vip com suspected of selling fake and plagiarism has sent a lawyer’s letter


technology news on April 17th news, jumei.com senior vice president Liu Huipu today issued micro-blog accused vip.com of theft, plagiarism, suspected of selling fake authorized copy, and said it had sent a lawyer’s letter, asked vip.com to immediately offline copy infringement, and public apology.

Naga Emihiro pointed out that vip.com had copied the United States overseas purchase page, including product introduction, copy details, model head, brand authorization documents etc.. "I have hundreds of articles of intellectual property for his team was violated, hundreds of United States special model, Master, portrait rights are violated justice. Shen total, or you give these people have options, or I tell you from the bottom of the pocket!! even if the money paid to the team bonus!

currently, vip.com has not yet responded. (Tong Gao)