Online shop please jump out of your mind to think

online shop, has been in recent years the hot topic, after Taobao, pat now and there are a lot of life service website also joined the ranks of online shop online shop, more complex process becomes simple, how to shop is no longer a problem, more point to the how to make the store better profit, let him continue to business growth.

first of all, I would like to consider the identity of a buyer, I would like to pay attention to the purchase of goods?

1 the same goods and prices I will choose a high reputation. Online shopping is a virtual credit platform, easy to produce and trust.

2 online shopping I pay more attention to the style and price of goods, too expensive things I do not want to buy online.

3 if the goods are selected, I would like to go to the search, see if you can Amoy to the same kind of goods are cheaper or more cost-effective shipping.

this is to think about the purchase of goods will pay attention to the things I was from the perspective of the buyer, so if you are a seller please from reputation, quality and price to make thinking and adjustment, is their own shops and goods more in the same competition advantage. So the quality, reputation, price is often considered by buyers, so the seller should be more effort in these areas, so that their shops and goods more attractive. So today is to say that out of the seller’s thinking model, from the buyer’s point of view you will choose what kind of goods, the following one by one analysis:

(1) store name, then you should consider how to comply with the name of the shop is selling goods and let the buyer remember well, do the best old gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory;

(2) for the commodity name, may wish to own in the search engine search to see is how to find their own release of the goods, how to reduce the search of goods is very important to allow the buyer to make your product unique.

(3) to set the price of goods, many people say that in the Taobao to sell things, the price is not the buyer must consider, but in the shop when the start or let oneself have a price advantage;

(4) for free promotion, buyers will have to consider how and under what circumstances can more attention you promotion goods, free information release of many channels, but at what time will give you the information row in the front position for different sites to watch. Posting in the forum, how the article can cause the attention of the public should also slowly pondering. Avoid doing nothing.

in short, want to do online shopping is not an easy task. The virtual nature of the network so that buyers do not have to consider the constraints of the real environment. Let them have more options, how to let buyers of this selective exclusive to even if you are successful, so get out of the seller’s thinking mode, to adapt to the buyer’s way of thinking, because the customer is God