Taobao vulnerabilities are frequent e commerce related laws and regulations have been imminent

Taobao, the recent outbreak of a new round of loopholes, occupation bad teacher occupation and delete bad teacher in Taobao is live very moist, frequently several million monthly income, let Taobao vulnerabilities exposed very thoroughly, the seller of Taobao seems to have not hurt, Taobao first appeared.

last year’s Taobao mall, there was no change for Tmall, because the annual fee charged more and suffered the majority of Taobao sellers collective conflict, since then, Taobao has been on the tip of walking, not only that, shortly before the exposure of the Taobao also involving corruption and other issues, so that consumers and sellers are all with deep hatred and resentment and for Taobao’s problems, this is Taobao an e-commerce website is unique, has become a common phenomenon in the electronic business platform


vulnerabilities are frequent alarm

business website operation

many experts believe that the electronic commerce website after many years of experience in stocking, now exposed problems have been more and more, more and more complex, this time, Taobao’s problems seem to be accidental, in fact, in addition to Taobao, the electric business platform of Jingdong and Tencent has such loopholes, just Taobao the seller number, the number of consumers, so the burst vulnerabilities tend to produce the butterfly effect obviously, bring serious influence to the entire Taobao.

A few years ago,

e-commerce platform in order to attract more businesses to stay, will use a variety of preferential policies to attract sellers, and sellers in a variety of gimmicks to the promotion, let more consumer Internet shopping guide price is very high, with the platform growing, all kinds of cheating means more and more, a corruption of Taobao is this cheating amplification to the extreme, so all kinds of rules on the exposed loopholes in the very thorough, so that more consumers began to doubt the integrity of Taobao, and Taobao as half of electronic commerce, have a profound impact on Taobao’s destructive nature hurt the entire e-commerce industry


e-commerce legislation should not be mall autonomy

over the past few years, Taobao and other mall operating rules are autonomous, are what they say, for the statements of a school operating mode, have been exposed to a variety of rules on the apparent vulnerability, because of the loss of the right to supervise, is the biggest hotbed of corruption, if not a corrupt, too there is not so much the occupation delete bad teacher, now do not have such a hot high income occupation bad teacher.

is similar to the occupation bad teacher occupation and delete bad teacher for Taobao or other mall in a severe blow, but are generally small talk, there are psychological potential domestic shame should not be disclosed, so there are problems in the crackdown on the attempt an ineffective solution, so in the face of this problem of corruption that should be up to the national legislative level, for e-commerce, if there are bad teacher tea money fraud 15 yuan, although did not reach 1000 yuan grant > Report