Children get rid of shop No 1 day behind Jingdong WAL MART win win

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on June 21st

in Chinese business territory, perhaps 1 store has already lost the fight ambition, but this one three the main "sacrifice" but may help the old club WAL-MART and the new owner of Jingdong make up the short board.

June 21st morning, Jingdong announced a strategic cooperation with WAL-MART depth. According to reports, the cooperation agreement will involve a wide range of business areas, and covers the online and offline retail market. As part of this agreement, WAL-MART will receive 144952250 shares of Jingdong issued a class a common stock, about $5% of total share capital issued by Jingdong, while the parties will cooperate in a number of strategic areas.

according to the cooperation content, Jingdong will receive a "1 shop" brand, website, APP and WAL-MART behind the global procurement chain, WAL-MART is relying on Jingdong for online distribution, and the transaction of the "core" shop No. 1 may be only the cooperation between the two sides of the head.

capital game

It was a completely different story when

was just in store 1.

in November 2007, when he was president of DELL China and DELL when he was vice president of global procurement in Liu Junling suddenly announced his resignation. July 11, 2008 1 shop formally launched, the total number of orders on this day only more than and 10, but they have burned up to 1 million.

then just realized that the electricity supplier is a capital game, No. 1 in the end of the world has opened Tianya online shop No. 1, frequently with the game site, social networking sites, portals to cooperate. Two years later, the annual sales of more than 800 million stores, more than $1, and today’s electricity supplier giant Jingdong go not far away, becoming China’s electricity supplier in the field of important molecules. But this is the electricity supplier in the field of winter, even if there have been billions of water Jingdong financing difficulties, and even news that Jingdong has been close to the capital chain.

aware of the danger of shop No. 1 will own 80% of the shares sold at a price of 80 million yuan of Shenzhen Ping an. Peace brings not only the urgent need for cash in the 1 shop, the internal staff benefits, safety and welfare of the members, are in the shop on the procurement of 1, some of the relevant customer resources will also allow the use of shop No. 1.

but the conservative capital of peace, so that the expansion of the store 1 ambitions can not be met, at this time a new opportunity placed in front of the shop No. 1: international retail giant WAL-MART. May 2011, WAL-MART shares 1 shop, accounting for 17.7% of the shares, while WAL-MART is also a large number of directors to shop No. 1 level executives.

early last year, shop No. 1 was held in Beijing in 2014 2015 announced the results and strategic focus of conference, but this transcript is missing the annual turnover and open platform sales accounted for, according to Yu Gang introduction, this is because the 1 store in order to respect the strategic partner of WAL-MART, so it doesn’t publish any data about trading and operation.