The koocall alliance online called the webmaster

  koocall (07.10.8-07.12.8)

alliance that beta

is currently not open to the registration of the union, please contact the webmaster webmaster friends, contact the following! Thank you: (


, a koocall

online advertising alliance

      koocall alliance advertising measurement for incoming calls (pay per call paid advertisements referred to as PPC).

two, call advertising process

        the user clicks on the advertisement, fill in the telephone number to click the confirmation, receives the advertisement main telephone.

three, accounting rules (two, optional)
      1 every click 5 cents, if the user clicks on ads and launch effective call (call on both sides for more than 30 seconds for a valid phone.) We pay an additional $1 per valid phone settlement. That is, if the partner site hits a day for 1000, while generating a valid call to the 50. Then the partnership proceeds: 1000*0.05+50*1=100 yuan.
      2 users click on the ad and initiate an active call (both sides turn on the call for more than 30 seconds for a valid call.) We are in accordance with 2 yuan each valid telephone settlement. That is: if the partner site produces 100 valid calls a day. Then the partnership proceeds: 100*2=200 yuan.
      all marketing data returned 24 hours.

four, alliance application

      1 application address: Csid=1
      the 2 landing address:

five, code extraction and installation

      1, the new advertising application steps: background – Advertising Management – new advertising for
      2, the new advertising advertising settings: classification and selection at first click hope advertisement class delivery (here can choose direct selection on the classification of advertising to increase classification choose, choose small class) and then, in the selection box below and click "put ads >