What are the domestic free Wangzhuan

what free Wangzhuan? There are a lot of friends asking this question, whether in the forum or in the Q group has raised a lot of people ask, in some search engines have also been looking for. There are a lot of Wangzhuan, free operation, investment join; domestic and foreign; individual run, the company was founded. General company was founded to join the investment project with good reputation, not easy to collapse, and individual run should be more careful, a lot of crooks are you cheat jiamengfei away, even the shadow is not found, so we have to be careful operation of investment projects. Here to talk about the Internet can not operate on the money to invest in those projects, how to choose, how to operate.

the first to talk about the most user-friendly PTC click the project, need to register several necessary account: GMAIL mailbox, PP and AP two foreign network bank, a domestic Alipay account. And then select the site to recommend a few good reputation in the station to do, such as NEOBUX, Wordlinx, Linkgrand these three sites are recognized by the world’s powerful station. Join the project is completely free, do not charge a penny, you can rest assured that the operation station also made a Chinese tutorial, at a glance, looking to do not understand, English never mind, as long as you can read the letter on the line, only a few simple clicks, do a few times on the familiar. Click on the project every day, and can click once a day, for new, relatively easy to get started, return quickly return figurines.


class is surfing the hook project money, the general European countries site credibility, payment speed, unit score is high, while domestic surfing is relatively low, and there is a time limit, as the news times limit per person per day can only hang up 3 hours. This site is recommended less surfing, because there is no time to find new projects in the near future.

talk about several domestic research projects. The first survey, customer survey, sand survey questions and so on, and so on, can be said that the three is strong, but also loved by Chinese people, so many people who operate, more practical, investigation content of reality, good operation. But with some limitations, that is to limit the number of places or occupation class to participate in the investigation, it will have a skill, generally choose to choose the city like the big city, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, such as Beijing, and the city is not very famous but too choose sections are discarded, namely the investigation no chance to do the following, so naturally no money can be got.

and some of the game’s free Wangzhuan project. As the domestic currency, the integrity of the 51 poly chest, bean bag net, the operation of such projects can not only entertain and can make money, is the latest popular Wangzhuan project development, the domestic is relatively mature, all aspects are constantly improving, the strength of the site have come out. We can choose to be interested in the hope that the industry can see more and more strong station birth.