NarrowAD create three win pattern

advertising, do not eliminate the advertisers and media, consumers in the middle of the homophonic, created the Internet advertising three win pattern.

With the development of

market and the innovation of technology, advertisers, media and consumers have put forward new requirements for online advertising. Although advertisers increase the network advertising budget share, but added more harsh conditions: the need for more targeted advertising, advertising effect can be real-time display; consumers want to see some less and they have no interest in the relevant information, or "harassment" advertising; media to further highlight the network media the value of.

Three party

from the pressure caused by a strong impact on the advertisers, forcing them to have invented "super creativity" solution, it seems, the integration of semantic analysis technology and artificial intelligence is a direction of development, the former of network context analysis, which can make immediate response to consumer behavior. "Advertising is such a great invention, and the invention is Chinese.

The development of

network advertising has gone through the initial stage and growth stage. In the early days, advertisers online advertising words hard to prove "existence is reasonable"; in the growth stage, the network advertisement has been recognized, they are more accessible, scalability than traditional advertising, advertisers can clearly know the cost, competitors and other network marketing fighting action".

When the

industry matures, the development of Internet advertising is increasingly clear, the combination of natural language and real-time analysis of artificial intelligence "advertising" and "contextual advertising" will become the new main advertising network.

in thousands of other sites, most people can see at a glance "advertising" features: "advertising" can make advertising when consumers are most likely to see the emergence of a proper position on the web, and just to network news content, and this will increase users interested in advertising, make a more positive reaction. However, few of us are aware of the "deep meaning NarrowAD": "advertising" is important because it enables the network to really understand the content of network advertisement. In the "advertising", there are two human history the most important two technology obtained by Natural Language Processing, and the semantic analysis technology, they can be the most appropriate location for advertising to help advertisers to automatically select, rather than in the context of unrelated positions.

many ad networks considered harassment, mandatory advertising, because they lack a deep understanding of the advertising language, web content, instant transformation, many advertisements are not related and network context. "Advertising", the extension of advertising to become Internet content, become part of the content.

"advertising" help advertising become more relevant and accurate, which makes marketing personnel for the first time easier? D? D they can make propaganda appear in front of their users just looking for. This model benefits the three party of online advertising: media >